100 Government-Approved Agencies Facilitating Overseas Employment

In a bid to streamline overseas employment opportunities for Kenyans, the National Employment Authority, through the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAIMS), has compiled a comprehensive list of 100 licensed recruitment agencies. These agencies play a pivotal role in connecting Kenyan job seekers with international employers, contributing to the country’s global workforce representation.

Accessing the List:

The NEAIMS, which currently links 8,074 employers with 25,400 job seekers, offers a user-friendly platform for Kenyans to explore the list of approved recruitment agencies. Interested individuals can visit www.neaims.go.ke and navigate to the “List of Private Employment Agencies” tab on the homepage to access the detailed information.

Key Steps for Overseas Employment:

Before embarking on an overseas employment journey, the State Department for Diaspora Affairs outlines essential steps for prospective job seekers:

  1. Confirm the licensing and registration of the recruitment agent through the NEAIMS website.
  2. Complete an interview, secure an accepted offer letter, and sign a contract.
  3. Ensure personal attestation by the Ministry of Labour, obtain a visa, and arrange for air tickets.
  4. Participate in pre-departure training facilitated by the Ministry.
  5. Verify job details, employer information, salary, and payment methods in the foreign country.
  6. Familiarize yourself with accommodation arrangements and identify your host before meeting the employer.
  7. Obtain a Work Permit and a valid, renewable visa based on the contract length.
  8. Maintain sufficient funds for emergencies and keep contact information for the Kenya High Commission or the hosting country’s Embassy.

Fraud Prevention:

To safeguard against potential fraud, the Ministry advises travelers not to carry luggage packed by others to avoid unintentional involvement in illegal activities.

List of Approved Recruitment Agencies:

The following is a compilation of 100 approved recruitment agencies facilitating overseas employment for Kenyans:

  1. Kelmus Recruitment International Agency Limited
  2. Gulf-Resource Consultants
  3. Ramsey Manpower Limited
  4. Jay Recruiting Agency Limited
  5. Muhanna Services Limited
  6. Dante Empowerment Services Ltd
  7. Classic Connections Recruitment Agency Limited
  8. Gispal International Limited
  9. Celyca Agencies Limited
  10. Absolute Consultancy and Support ACS Services Ltd
  11. Alwynn Global Agencies Limited
  12. Alijacky Agency Limited
  13. Caldo Tours and Travel Agency Limited
  14. Leking Recruitment Agency Limited
  15. Bluewave International Services Limited
  16. Alfrwakly Services Limited
  17. Loivin Limited
  18. Sakr Agency Limited
  19. Satmar Technologies Company Ltd
  20. Janaal Oversees Limited
  21. Efran Agencies Limited
  22. Joytom Manpower and Travel Solutions Limited
  23. Consult Centre Limited
  24. Al-Mysra Company Limited
  25. Lipasama Global Agencies Limited
  26. Al Suwedi International Recruiting Agency Limited
  27. Shanawa International Agency
  28. Altowfiq Recruitment and Consulting Agency
  29. Kerrygold Agency Limited
  30. Bright Exit KE Limited
  31. Fursah
  32. Vercy Agency Limited
  33. Queenstar Ventures Limited
  34. Somo Serve Management Company Limited
  35. Al-Iman General Agencies Limited
  36. Fariha Agency Ltd
  37. La Preciosa Limited
  38. Muthuma International Agency Limited
  39. Al Berita Recruitment and Travel Agency Ltd
  40. Gulf Quest Recruitment Limited
  41. Duetra Ventures Limited
  42. Bilqdee Travel Agencies Limited
  43. Glenn Heights Limited
  44. Al Sultan Al Mumayaza for Recruitment Limited
  45. Al Jazi Gulf Connection Limited
  46. Al Tafaol Trading Co. Limited
  47. Dalanta Global Agency Limited
  48. Soringe Springs Limited
  49. Two-star Safaris Ltd
  50. Al Mulmaan Hireworld Ltd
  51. Servile Ventures Limited
  52. Kewafric International Limited
  53. Atica Tours and Recruitment Limited
  54. Rema Nary Agency Limited
  55. Rashaj Global Limited
  56. Fecundity Investments Ltd
  57. Shafii Agency Limited
  58. Lucida Tours and Travel Ltd
  59. Tusano Combined Supplies Ltd
  60. Manasseh Recruitment Agency
  61. Bildqee Travel Agencies Limited
  62. Tamond Investments Company Ltd
  63. Capacity Outsourcing K Ltd
  64. Hijaz HR Bureau Limited
  65. Greener Pasturers Recruitment Agency Ltd
  66. Mimalex Services Limited
  67. Rawafid Manpower Solution Limited
  68. Top Level Management Ltd
  69. Al Murdosy Recruitment Agency Ltd
  70. Ready Manpower Limited
  71. Jamin Agencies Limited
  72. TDM International Limited
  73. Eunysmart Recruitment Agencies Ltd
  74. Samoline Recruitment Agency Limited
  75. A&J Global Limited
  76. Swamo Agencies Limited
  77. United Manpower Services Limited
  78. Topkeen Ventures Limited
  79. Exodus International Agency Ltd
  80. Reeham Agency Ltd
  81. Ana Recruitment Agency Ltd
  82. Alvishan Agency Limited
  83. Ali & Ali Al-Herabi Recruitment Co. Ltd
  84. Supage Safaris Limited
  85. Afrik Tours and Travel Limited
  86. Dammy Agencies Limited
  87. Key Resource Services Ltd
  88. One Stop Recruitment Agency Limited
  89. Iyaz’s Investments Limited
  90. Willy Royal Services Limited
  91. Nanpet International Agency Limited
  92. Opelsa Manpower Agency Limited
  93. Triple P Limited
  94. Kobeskys Limited
  95. Across Africa Work Place Options Limited
  96. Bashadi Agency Limited
  97. Percific Creative International Company Limited
  98. Sakasha Investment Limited
  99. VIP Joblinks Agency Limited
  100. Hech Skies Agency Ltd


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