Addressing the Delay: Education PS Kipsang Assures Grade 8 Book Arrival in 30 Days

In a recent announcement, Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang provided an update on the delivery of Grade 8 CBC (Competence-Based Curriculum) books, addressing concerns about the delay in their distribution. According to Kipsang, Grade 8 learners can expect to have all their books within the next 30 days, with the majority of the materials already in schools.

Kipsang clarified that only two books are pending delivery, as the Ministry works to finalize the learning areas that underwent review. “I want to confirm that the books for Grade 8 are already in school. What we are finalizing on are those two learning areas that were reviewed,” he assured.

The delay, as explained by Kipsang, is a result of necessary adjustments to realign the learning areas with the curriculum requirements. Despite the minor setback, he emphasized that the remaining books for the revised areas should reach schools within the specified timeframe.

Looking ahead, Kipsang mentioned that preparations are underway for Grade 9 learners. This proactive approach aims to provide teachers with ample time to familiarize themselves with the materials before the students begin their academic year. “As we prepare for the Grade 9 assessment, we shall be able to do that from the content that our teachers have been appreciating,” he stated.

Anticipating the concerns of the public, Kipsang assured that Grade 9 books would be ready for distribution within the next two months. This announcement aligns with the recommendations of the Presidential Working Party on Education Reform (PWPER). The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), in consultation with the Ministry of Education, reduced the number of subjects under the Competence-Based Curriculum to address gaps and content overload.

In adherence to the PWPER recommendations, Belio outlined the changes in a circular dated December 20, 2023. Notably, subjects in Junior School (Grade 7-9) have been reduced from 14 to nine, with all nine becoming core subjects mandatory for all learners. The number of lessons per week was also adjusted to 35, including PPI (Pre-primary 1-Pre-primary 2).

Integrated Science and Health Education have been merged into one learning area referred to as Integrated Science, with five lessons per week. Social Studies and Life Skills Education were combined into one subject named Social Studies, featuring four weekly lessons. Agriculture and Home Science were amalgamated into Agriculture and Nutrition, offering four weekly lessons. Pre-technical Studies, Computer Studies, and Business Studies were integrated into Pre-technical Studies, featuring four lessons per week. Additionally, Physical Education and Sports, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts were consolidated into Creative Arts and Sports, offering five weekly lessons.

This comprehensive restructuring aims to streamline the curriculum, providing students with a more focused and balanced learning experience. As the Ministry of Education addresses the challenges in book distribution, the ongoing commitment to curriculum enhancement remains evident, ensuring a robust educational foundation for Kenya’s learners.


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