Advancing Teacher Training: Universities Embrace Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC)

In response to ongoing reforms in the education sector, both public and private universities offering teacher training courses are spearheading initiatives to align their curricula with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). This concerted effort aims to ensure that future educators are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an evolving educational landscape.

Embracing Reform: Universities Take Action

Deans from various schools of education have been actively engaging in discussions to understand and implement the recommendations of the Presidential Working Party on Education Reform (PWPER). Recently, at the University of Embu (UoE), all deans of education convened to launch a comprehensive framework for course restructuring in alignment with CBC principles.

Leadership and Collaboration

Professor Daniel Mugendi, Vice Chancellor of UoE and Chairman of the Deans of Education, emphasized the crucial role of universities in driving the success of competency-based education. He urged deans to actively participate in reform discussions and contribute their expertise to shape educational reforms effectively.

Implementation Strategy

During the meeting, the deans developed an implementation matrix outlining specific actions to align teacher training programs with CBC standards. Key initiatives include:

  1. Thorough Training: Ensuring that students enrolled in Bachelor of Education programs receive comprehensive training in Competency-Based Teacher Education (CBTE) and Competency-Based Teacher Assessment (CBTA).
  2. Curriculum Framework: Developing a university-wide competency-based curriculum framework to define teacher education standards and guidelines.
  3. Faculty Retooling Programs: Establishing comprehensive staff retooling programs to prepare educators for the transition to CBC at the university level.

Keynote Insights

Professor Peter L. Barasa, Vice Chancellor of Alupe University, delivered a keynote address highlighting the significance of investing in education and the pivotal role of teacher education in shaping the future of the nation. He emphasized the need for crafting teacher education standards aligned with CBC principles.

Challenges and Progress

While universities have made significant strides in reshaping Bachelor of Education programs, challenges remain in ensuring that graduating students are fully CBC-compliant. However, participants reaffirmed their commitment to quality education and inclusivity, ensuring that educators are equipped to nurture all learners effectively.


The proactive efforts of universities to align teacher training with CBC reflect a commitment to educational excellence and innovation. By embracing reform, collaborating across institutions, and prioritizing quality, universities are poised to produce educators who will positively impact the future of education in Kenya.


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