Agriculture CS Encourages Teachers to Venture into Farming

Table of contents

In response to the soaring cost of living, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi has advised teachers across the country to explore additional income sources, particularly through engaging in farming alongside their teaching profession.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Solution Sacco held at Gikumene Primary School grounds in North Imenti Constituency, CS Linturi emphasized the need for teachers to think creatively and establish alternative income-generating projects.

Key Points:

  1. Diversifying Income Streams: CS Linturi urged teachers to diversify their earnings by exploring other income-generating activities, with a specific emphasis on farming.
  2. Profitable Farming: Highlighting the profitability of farming, CS Linturi pointed out the attractive incentives provided by the government to encourage agricultural activities. He believes that embracing farming will not only contribute to teachers’ financial well-being but also address the ongoing food crisis in the country.
  3. Addressing Economic Challenges: Recognizing the challenges posed by the escalating cost of living, CS Linturi emphasized the importance of finding alternative sources of income to alleviate the economic strain on citizens.
  4. Encouraging Food Security: By encouraging teachers to engage in farming, the CS envisions contributing to national food security, aligning with the government’s efforts to ensure a reliable and sustainable food supply.

CS Linturi’s advice comes at a time when many individuals are grappling with economic uncertainties, and exploring additional income avenues, such as farming, could provide a viable solution.


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