All Public Learning Institutions to Receive Title Deeds, Confirms Lands Ministry

The Lands Ministry of Kenya has intensified its efforts to provide title deeds to all public learning institutions across the country, according to revelations made during a session with the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.

Nixon Korir, the Principal Secretary of the Lands Ministry, informed the committee led by John Mbadi that the Ministry has initiated a comprehensive data collection process to identify schools that lack proper land title deeds, thereby facilitating their inclusion in the ongoing program.

“We have directed the Education Committee to submit to the Ministry schools that do not have land title deeds,” stated Korir.

To expedite the process, the Principal Secretary revealed the formation of a technical committee comprised of representatives from the Education, Treasury, and Lands ministries, as well as county officials. This committee will collaboratively work towards accelerating the issuance of title deeds to public learning institutions.

Korir went on to emphasize that he has engaged the Treasury in this initiative to ensure that charges associated with acquiring title deeds are waived during the implementation of the plan. “We have asked the Treasury to exempt the institutions from paying charges imposed on title deeds so that we can issue them under public interest,” he added.

The urgent need for title deeds in educational institutions arises from concerns over land disputes with individuals taking advantage of the lack of official documents to unlawfully acquire school land. This situation has prompted Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe to voice his frustration, citing that he is currently managing 159 cases involving primary schools seeking title deeds for development purposes.

Kagombe implored the PS to intervene and expedite the process, highlighting the difficulties encountered in securing title deeds for these educational establishments. Responding to Kagombe’s concerns, Korir acknowledged that instances have arisen where churches that initially sponsored schools later demanded the land.

However, the PS assured the committee that the issuance of title deeds to schools will put an end to such complications, granting these institutions the legal recognition and protection they need.

The move to provide title deeds to all public learning institutions reflects a significant step forward in securing the future of these educational establishments and safeguarding their properties from encroachment and land-related disputes.


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