Banditry Disrupts Education as West Pokot Schools Face Closure and KCPE Exam Woes

Adversity mars the educational journey in five schools, situated within West Pokot County along its volatile border with Elgeyo Marakwet which have fallen victim to rampant banditry. The stark repercussions manifest themselves through Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results; the dreams of many learners to sit for these exams stand shattered and unfulfilled.

Escalating violence, leading to killings and attacks, forced the closure of Cheptulel, Samplomoi, Chesegon, Arpollo, and KSA primary schools two years ago. Consequently, this cast a shadow over the academic aspirations of their local community. As they unveiled the recent KCPE results, the impact still evident, there was little cause for celebration.

Banditry has transformed the troubled Kerio Valley region, home to these schools, into a hotspot; this situation instills fear and trauma among teachers and learners alike. Despite Prof Kindiki’s directive six months ago, an effort to heal the scars of recent attacks, seven schools ravaged by bandits in West Pokot County remain closed: a testament that improvement is yet unseen.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, County Governor Simon Kachapin asserts that plans are in motion to reopen the affected schools by January next year. Nevertheless, a daunting road to recovery lies ahead; this is particularly evident when considering how dismally few candidates who sat for KCPE exams performed.

Not only does the persistent banditry in the region disrupt the academic calendar, but it also engenders an atmosphere of uncertainty that impedes community well-being. The delayed reopening of these schools highlights educators’, students’, and their families’ challenges within a profoundly insecure environment.

While the affected communities eagerly anticipate the long-promised reopening of schools, they maintain a dual focus: not only on educational recovery but also on restoring an elusive sense of normalcy and security. This journey ahead, it’s more than just unlocking classroom doors; rather, it necessitates trust reconstruction and the establishment of stable environments for learners to truly prosper.

West Pokot County, in its pursuit of a promising future, finds itself at the crossroads: it must grapple with twin challenges, security concerns and the rejuvenation of the education sector. The county harbors hope that concerted efforts coupled with effective measures will triumph; this victory would guarantee an environment where regional children fearlessly chase their educational aspirations without violence interrupting or shattering those dreams.


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