Butere Girls High School Dominates 2023 KCSE with a 99.28% University Pass Rate

In the 2023 KCSE examination results, Butere Girls High School has emerged as a beacon of academic excellence, boasting a remarkable school mean score of 9.1703. With a total of 558 candidates sitting for the exam, the school has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing quality education.

Grade Distribution Analysis

Here is a detailed analysis of the grade distribution among the 558 candidates:

  • Grade A: 13 candidates
  • Grade A-: 68 candidates
  • Grade B+: 129 candidates
  • Grade B: 184 candidates
  • Grade B-: 125 candidates
  • Grade C+: 35 candidates
  • Grade C: 3 candidates
  • Grade C-: 0 candidates
  • Grade D+: 1 candidate
  • Grade D: 0 candidates
  • Grade D-: 0 candidates
  • Grade E: 0 candidates
  • Grade X, Y, U, P, W: Information not provided

University Pass Rate

Out of the 558 candidates, an astounding 554 of them achieved the KUCCPS university direct entry requirement of C+ (plus) and above. This outstanding performance reflects a remarkable pass rate of 99.28%, underscoring Butere Girls High School’s commitment to academic excellence.

Comparison with Previous Years

To provide context, the analysis includes results from the years 2022, 2019, and 2018. These results contribute to understanding the consistent academic performance of Butere Girls High School over the years.

School Demographics

  • Total Candidates: 558
  • Girls: 558

Final Thoughts

Butere Girls High School’s stellar performance in the 2023 KCSE examinations reaffirms its status as a leading institution for academic achievement. The high university pass rate, coupled with an impressive grade distribution, showcases the school’s dedication to nurturing scholars for a brighter future. Congratulations to Butere Girls High School for setting a standard of excellence in the 2023 KCSE results!


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