Crucial Update for TVET Institutions in Kenya: Delay in Principal Transfers Sparks Speculation

The Ministry of Education in Kenya has released a critical update for TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) institutions: the transfer of principals has been postponed. This move was so unsuspected that even principals who received deployment letters to new institutions were left in their positions for now.

One such notable case is that of a principal slated for transfer, who is still in the position. This is all part of the Ministry’s action to insist on feedback from college administration and other education stakeholders before an order is given.

Among the affected cases is that of one Catherine Kelonye, who was set to leave Kabete National Polytechnic for Kisumu National Polytechnic. She was to take over from Michael Musuya at the Friends College Kaimosi. But like in other similar occurrences, it appears Musuya had not retired, prompting the delay.

Likewise is the case of Patrick Muchemi, the current principal of the Mukurweni TTI in Nyeri County, who was expected to be moved to Kabete National Polytechnic, replacing Okumu. But his new home could now be Kipkabus TTI as he awaits the arrival of the vice principal to take over from him.

Yet, in another turnaround, Dr. Rosebella Chukwu was to head the Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology in Bungoma County, only for the larger-than-life Charles Koech, the Eldoret National Polytechnic principal, to take her slot. Without a doubt, it adds a dramatic touch to the leadership of the institutions.

These sudden decisions by the Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education have left many in the education sector surprised. The Ministry’s actions over the summer have introduced an element of unpredictability, akin to a plot twist in a thriller.

Then the TVET community is in a state of readiness to observe and study its effect, current changes on the institutions, and provision of its operations. The approach of the Ministry is that all aspects are studied for change, and only then change is implemented to ensure a more conducive environment and running of the whole education system.


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