Education CS Machogu Announces 2024 Form One Reporting Date and Online Admission Process

In a significant move for education in Kenya, Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has officially declared that the reporting date for Form One students in 2024 will be on January 15, 2024. The announcement, made at Lenana School in Nairobi, also unveiled the release of the 2024 Form One selection and placement results.

Accessing Results and Joining Instructions

According to Machogu, the selection and placement results are easily accessible through the ministry’s official website,, or This online platform allows candidates to not only view their results but also download their joining instructions. However, there’s a crucial step to follow after downloading the instructions.

Verification Process

Once the joining instructions are obtained, candidates are required to present the letter to the head teacher of the primary school where they sat their KCPE Examination for authentication. The authenticity of the letter is then further verified by the principal of the admitting school. This meticulous process ensures that the right candidates are matched with their respective schools.

Online Admission through NEMIS

Education CS Machogu emphasized that the admission of Form One students will be conducted online through the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). NEMIS, a sophisticated online portal, plays a pivotal role in managing and automating education data and related administrative functions.

Real-time Data for Decision-making

To streamline the admission process, the Ministry has developed a reporting module within NEMIS. Principals of both public and private schools will utilize this module to relay the admission of each learner online. This innovative approach ensures real-time data on admission and reporting trends, facilitating informed decision-making within the education sector.

Responsibility of School Principals

Machogu underscored the responsibility of school principals in maintaining the accuracy, security, and integrity of their school data on the NEMIS platform. This measure aims to uphold the credibility of the admission process and ensure that only eligible candidates are enrolled.


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