Eldoret University Partners with European Business University of Luxembourg to Roll Out Scholarships

Eldoret University has embarked on an ambitious initiative to provide scholarships to students following its partnership with the European Business University (EBU) of Luxembourg. This collaboration aims to expand educational opportunities and foster international ties, particularly in the realm of online education.

The launch of the scholarship program took place at an event held on Thursday at Eldoret University’s main campus. Belgium Ambassador, representing his Luxembourg counterpart Peter Maddens, graced the occasion alongside notable figures from both institutions.

The event marked a significant step towards strengthening the ties between Kenya and Luxembourg through education. The EBU, known for its extensive global student population, predominantly consisting of Kenyan learners, seeks to enhance access to education.

In his address, the Ambassador highlighted the memorandum of understanding signed between EBU and Eldoret University as a pivotal moment for both institutions. He emphasized the importance of collaboration in promoting growth and innovation in education. The partnership aims to bring together the strengths of both universities to create a brighter future for students globally.

Acknowledging the rapid advancement of technology and digital learning programs, the Ambassador stressed the potential of education to bridge geographical divides. He underscored the importance of embracing digital learning to bring quality education to every doorstep, breaking barriers and unlocking the full potential of individuals and communities.

Furthermore, the Ambassador commended EBU’s experience and expertise in online education, which he believes will provide Kenyan students with a diverse range of programs taught by skilled educators who understand the complexities of the global business landscape.

“This collaboration is not only about imparting knowledge but also about fostering cultural exchange and creating a network of global exchange,” he said.

The partnership between EBU and Eldoret University offers various scholarship opportunities across different degree programs. Certificate programs that initially cost Ksh114,305 will now be offered at a significantly reduced rate of Ksh3,475. Similarly, students enrolling for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration will pay only Ksh77,209, compared to the original cost of Ksh1,775,506.

The scholarship program also extends to master’s degree programs, such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, which will now cost Ksh154,418 instead of the original Ksh1,698,296. The Master of Business Administration program will be available under the scholarship at a cost of Ksh138,976, as opposed to the non-scholarship rate of Ksh1,937,491.

Under the EBU scholarship, students are required to pay in euros, taking into account the prevailing exchange rates. The initiative offers a pocket-friendly and sustainable option for students seeking higher education.

In the broader context of higher education in Kenya, the National Assembly recently granted approval for the establishment of the country’s first Virtual University. This new institution will offer programs through distance and e-learning modes, catering to a wide range of students at affordable rates.

The collaboration between Eldoret University and the European Business University reflects a shared commitment to providing quality education and fostering global connections. This partnership is expected to open doors for students, enabling them to access diverse educational opportunities and contribute to an interconnected world.


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