Equity Bank’s Wings to Fly Scholars Empowered with Leadership Training

The beneficiaries of Equity Bank’s Wings to Fly scholarship program have been urged to embrace leadership roles within their schools and actively participate in co-curricular activities. During the 13th Regional Educational and Leadership Congress held in Kakamega, Deputy County Commissioner Ndalya Ngaya challenged the scholarship recipients to rise above negative influences and pursue their dreams.

Addressing Form One and Form Two scholars from Kakamega County, Ndalya Ngaya emphasized the importance of utilizing the Wings to Fly scholarship opportunity to transform their lives and uplift their families. He underscored the government’s commitment to supporting students’ education by forging partnerships and providing scholarships.

The Leadership Congress brought together 599 beneficiaries from Kakamega County, all of whom are enrolled in various secondary schools across the country. The initiative seeks to empower these young scholars with leadership skills, encouraging them to excel academically while actively engaging in leadership and extracurricular activities.

Equity Bank has been a key partner in promoting education through the Wings to Fly scholarship program. In collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation, the Ministry of Education, and the German Foundation, the bank has sponsored a total of 8,570 students in 2023 alone. This initiative aims to provide bright but economically disadvantaged students with the opportunity to access quality education.

Highlighting the success of the program, Equity Bank Kakamega Branch Manager Peter Akuoyo encouraged the scholars to strive for academic excellence, aiming for an A-grade performance. Scholars who excel are eligible to join the Equity Leaders program, which provides a pathway to prestigious global universities.

“Achieving academic excellence has opened doors for over 8,000 students sponsored by Equity’s Wings to Fly to top universities worldwide,” Akuoyo stated.

Since the inception of the Wings to Fly scholarship program, an impressive 82% of sponsored students have successfully qualified for admission into local and international universities. The initiative continues to empower talented young minds, enabling them to realize their full potential and contribute to society’s growth.

As the congress concluded, the scholarship recipients left with a renewed sense of purpose, equipped with leadership skills that will not only benefit their academic journey but also prepare them for future leadership roles in various sectors.


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