Expanding Teacher Professional Development: TSC’s Ambitious Plan

In a bid to enhance the professional development of teachers across Kenya, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced plans to broaden the scope of its Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme. Traditionally limited to four institutions centralized in Nairobi, the Commission is now inviting educational training institutions across the country’s eight regions to participate in providing TPD training and related programmes. This strategic move aims to decentralize the training process and make it more accessible to teachers nationwide.

Quick Summary

  • TSC seeks to increase institutions offering TPD programme.
  • The Commission advertises a tender for TPD training, opening opportunities for institutions across eight regions.
  • Unlike before, TSC plans to accredit institutions in various regions, moving away from a centralized approach.

The Evolution of TPD

The TPD programme, initiated on September 22, 2021, at the Centre for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) in Karen, introduced seven prescribed modules, each addressing the seven Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (KePTS). However, the initial rollout faced criticism, especially regarding the high costs and centralized locations.

Decentralization Initiative

Recognizing the need for a more inclusive approach, TSC now invites educational training institutions from Nairobi, Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Eastern, Coast, North Eastern, and Central regions to participate. This move aligns with the Commission’s commitment to ensuring that teachers across the country have equitable access to professional development opportunities.

Addressing Previous Concerns

The decision to decentralize the TPD programme stems from the public outcry over the initial centralized model. Teachers expressed concern over the financial burden, with a requirement to pay Ksh6,000 annually for training, assessments, and associated costs. This led to a total payment of Ksh30,000 for one module over five years and Ksh180,000 for six modules in three decades. The shift to accrediting institutions in different regions aims to address these concerns and promote a more affordable and accessible TPD programme.

Despite facing legal challenges, including a petition in the National Assembly to halt the programme, TSC received validation to continue. The Employment and Labour Relation Court (ELRC) in Nakuru dismissed a suit challenging the TPD implementation in September 2022. This legal affirmation allowed the Commission to proceed with its plans, ensuring that teachers could benefit from the structured TPD initiative.

Final Thoughts

As the TSC opens doors for educational training institutions nationwide, the move to decentralize the TPD programme appears promising. This initiative not only addresses past concerns but also aligns with the Commission’s commitment to fostering professional growth for teachers across diverse regions. The expansion signifies a step towards inclusivity, ensuring that quality teacher training is accessible to educators throughout Kenya. The journey towards enhanced professional development continues, marking a positive shift in the landscape of teacher education and empowerment.


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