Functions of the Commission For University Education (CUE) in Kenya

Table of contents

The Commission For University Education (CUE) plays a crucial role in regulating and ensuring the quality of university education in Kenya. Here are the key functions of CUE:

  1. Regulation of University Education:
    • CUE is responsible for regulating university education across Kenya, ensuring adherence to established standards and guidelines.
  2. Approval and Inspection of University Programs:
    • CUE approves and inspects university programs to ensure they meet the required standards and contribute to the overall quality of education.
  3. Recognition of Foreign Degrees:
    • The commission recognizes and equates degrees, diplomas, and certificates awarded by foreign universities and institutions, aligning with set standards and guidelines.
  4. Accreditation and Inspection of Universities:
    • CUE accredits and inspects universities in Kenya to verify compliance with established standards, fostering quality assurance in the education sector.
  5. Licensing of Student Recruitment Agencies:
    • CUE is responsible for licensing student recruitment agencies operating in Kenya and overseeing activities by foreign institutions.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation of University Education:
    • The commission monitors and evaluates the state of university education systems, aligning them with national development goals.
  7. Promotion of Quality Standards:
    • CUE promotes, advances, and publicizes standards relevant to the quality of university education, supporting internationally recognized benchmarks.
  8. Development of Admission Criteria:
    • CUE develops policies for criteria and requirements for admission to universities, ensuring fairness and transparency in the admission process.
  9. Policy Advice to the Cabinet Secretary:
    • The commission advises the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Education on policies related to university education.
  10. Promotion of Research and Innovation:
    • CUE actively promotes and supports quality research and innovation within Kenyan universities.
  11. Overall Promotion of University Education Objectives:

Contact Information:

  • Head Office: Red Hill Road, off Limuru Road, Gigiri
  • Phone: 020–7205000, 0780 656575, 0717445566, 0791445566
  • Email:

Individuals can use the provided contact details to reach out to the commission for inquiries, information, or assistance related to university education in Kenya.


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