Garissa Water and Sewerage Company MD Arrested Over Suspected Forged Academic Certificate

Garissa Water and Sewerage Company’s Managing Director, Dolal Mohamed Mohamud, has found himself in legal jeopardy as he was arrested by officers from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on suspicion of falsifying an academic certificate.

Mr. Mohamud’s arrest, which took place on Thursday afternoon, is based on allegations that he forged his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Certificate to secure admission to the University of Nairobi. According to the anti-graft agency, the suspect is believed to have altered his Grade D result to a Grade C+ on the forged certificate.

Eric Ngumbi, the spokesperson for the EACC, confirmed the arrest and stated that the commission intends to recover all salaries and benefits earned by Mr. Mohamud based on the invalid academic qualifications acquired through the use of the forged certificate.

Mr. Mohamud is currently held at Garissa Police Station, awaiting arraignment in court on Friday.

Crackdown on Fake Academic Papers

This arrest follows closely on the heels of a warning issued by EACC Chairperson, Bishop David Oginde, regarding the prevalence of fake academic papers being used to secure employment. Bishop Oginde, speaking in Kisumu just three days prior, expressed concern that the use of fake certificates is undermining the progress made in the education sector.

He cautioned that individuals found to have falsified their academic credentials to gain employment would not only face legal consequences but would also be subject to the recovery of monthly salaries, assets, and resources earned during the period of employment.

“We will recover all the money you got through that process, even if you worked 20 years,” emphasized Bishop Oginde, emphasizing the seriousness with which the EACC intends to address the issue of fraudulent academic qualifications in the workforce.

As the crackdown intensifies, the arrest of Mr. Mohamud serves as a stark reminder of the consequences individuals may face for attempting to manipulate their academic records for personal gain. The EACC’s commitment to recovering ill-gotten gains reflects a broader effort to maintain the integrity of the education sector and ensure that those in positions of responsibility hold legitimate qualifications.


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