How Much Teachers Will Chip in for the Housing Levy Fund Deductions

Starting July 1st, 2023, there will now be a compelling deduction on our salary, occasioned by the Finance Bill 2023. This bill, which was assented to by President William Ruto, will see all of us contribute 1.5% of our basic salary to the housing fund.

Meaning, for those in job group D5 with a basic salary of 131,380 Kenyan shillings, the deductions will approximately equal 1,970.70 shillings for them. The same applies for those in job group D4 with a basic salary of 118,242 shillings, where the deductions will amount to about 1,773 shillings. Just make sure you check these may only be ballpark figures, and it would be better if you calculated your actual deduction from your salary.

Of course, no one is going to be elated by such a scheme being imposed on their salary, but indeed, one must appreciate the commitment related to this worthy cause—the teachers’ affordable housing. The amount is an investment in the life of teachers, ensuring decent houses.

So, with this, let’s look forward to a lighter payslip next month, but certainly, we will all bask in the knowledge that it is an investment that all teachers countrywide are making to ensure a better future for this profession. By doing so, each of us is making a meaningful contribution that will impact the life of the teacher positively.


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