Introduction of New Subjects for Grade 7, 8, and 9 Learners in 2024

Starting from January 2024, Grade 7, 8, and 9 learners in Kenya will experience changes in their curriculum with the introduction of nine new compulsory learning areas. These subjects are organized into three groups, covering a diverse range of disciplines. It’s important to note that all nine learning areas are mandatory, with no optional subjects. Here is an overview of the new subjects:

Group One: Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. English:
    • This subject focuses on language proficiency, reading comprehension, and communication skills.
  2. Kiswahili/KSL (Kenyan Sign Language):
    • Learners will engage in the study of Kiswahili, one of Kenya’s official languages, or Kenyan Sign Language.
  3. Religious Education:
    • This subject explores religious principles, ethics, and values.
  4. Social Studies/Life Skills Education:
    • Learners will delve into social studies, encompassing areas like history, geography, and life skills education.

Group Two: Science, Technology, and Innovation

  1. Mathematics:
    • This subject emphasizes mathematical concepts, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
  2. Integrated Science/Health Education:
    • Learners will study integrated science, incorporating various scientific disciplines, along with health education.
  3. Agriculture/Nutrition/Home Science:
    • This subject covers aspects of agriculture, nutrition, and home science.

Group Three: Engineering and Applied Sciences

  1. Pre-Technical Studies/Business Studies/Computer Studies:
    • This learning area introduces pre-technical studies, business studies, and computer studies to provide practical skills.
  2. Creative Arts (Visual and Performing Arts) and Sports:
    • Learners will engage in creative arts, including visual and performing arts, along with sports activities.

Implementation Details:

  • No Separate Books Needed for Grade 7 Learners:
    • It is specified that no separate books are required for Grade 7 learners. Previous books will continue to be used, as publishers will not print new books.

These changes in the curriculum aim to provide a holistic and comprehensive education for learners, incorporating diverse subjects that contribute to their intellectual and practical development. The inclusion of subjects like pre-technical studies, business studies, and computer studies reflects a commitment to equipping learners with skills relevant to the modern world.


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