Joyous Welcome for New Sironga Girls Principal

The arrival of Jane Nyanumba as the new Chief Principal of Sironga Girls High School was marked by song and dance, creating a thrilling welcome. Jane Nyanumba replaces Eva Odhiambo, who has been transferred to Kisumu Girls High School. The joyous reception was reminiscent of the warm welcome given to Eva Odhiambo at her new station, where students overwhelmed her with their enthusiastic reception, leading her to shed tears of joy.

Jane Nyanumba, the incoming Sironga Girls principal, previously headed Tombe Girls since 2015 and played a significant role in the continuous improvement of the school. Under her leadership, Tombe Girls achieved a mean score of 7.1 in the 2023 KCSE, with 167 candidates out of the registered 248 attaining a university entry grade. Although the mean score had dropped from 9.2 in the 2022 KCSE exams, the school continued to perform well.

The contrast between the two schools becomes apparent when comparing the 8.02 mean score recorded by Sironga Girls in the same exam, showing improvement from 7.2 the previous year. With over 1500 students at Sironga Girls, Jane Nyanumba faces the challenge of maintaining and improving the school’s academic performance. The school recorded seven girls with an A- mean grade, and a total of 461 students attained entrance to university.


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