Kenya Institute of Special Education Advocates for Inclusion and Support for Children with Disabilities

Have you heard about the awesome work being done by the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE)? They are on a mission to ensure that no child with a disability is left behind. Instead of hiding these amazing kids, KISE wants them to be seen, assessed, and placed in special schools where they can shine like superheroes!

Christopher Lengoris, the Dean of Students at KISE, is leading the charge. He’s been traveling all over the country, spreading the word and encouraging parents to come forward with their children who have disabilities. The goal is to assess their needs and provide them with the necessary support. It’s like assembling a dream team of education and empowerment!

During a recent visit to the A.I.C Kapsabet School for the Deaf, Lengoris shared some eye-opening insights. He revealed that many disabilities are a result of mothers opting for traditional birth attendants instead of seeking proper medical care. Now, we’re not saying that traditional methods are all bad, but when it comes to the health and well-being of our little ones, it’s crucial to have skilled professionals on hand.

Lengoris highlighted that disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, physical disabilities, and mental challenges are not curses or products of ancient beliefs. Nope, they’re just unfortunate consequences of parents not prioritizing proper medical care during childbirth. It’s time to break free from these misconceptions and focus on supporting our children with love and understanding.

KISE is doing everything they can to make sure no child slips through the cracks. They’re calling on school administrators and Ministry of Education officials to join forces and identify children with special needs. By working together, these kids can receive the specialized education and support they deserve. Let’s bring out the capes and help them unleash their superpowers!

Harrison Muriuki, the Director of Education in Nandi County, couldn’t agree more. He’s urging parents to stop hiding their children with disabilities behind closed doors. Instead, let’s embrace them, celebrate their uniqueness, and provide them with the opportunities they need to thrive.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the stigma surrounding disabilities. We need to break down those walls and show our fellow Kenyans that these children are not burdens; they are blessings. KISE is leading the way by raising awareness and demystifying the challenges that children with disabilities face. It’s time to change the narrative and create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

So, parents, educators, and officials, let’s rally together! Let’s support KISE’s efforts to assess and place these incredible children in special schools where they can learn, grow, and showcase their talents. Together, we can ensure that no child with a disability is left behind. It’s time to unleash their superpowers and let them soar to new heights!


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