Kenya Set for a Historical Shift as Last KCPE Results under 8-4-4 System Await Release

The Ministry of Education has unveiled plans to release the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results by the end of November. This revelation comes as the nation eagerly anticipates the outcomes, marking the culmination of the 8-4-4 education system that has been in place for 39 years.

Dr. Belio Kipsang, the Permanent Secretary for Basic Education, made the announcement during a visit to Naivasha Girls Secondary School. Expressing the ministry’s commitment to providing ample time for parents to prepare, Kipsang mentioned that the early release of the results is aimed at facilitating the smooth placement of Form 1 students before the Christmas holiday.

Commending head teachers for their efforts during the national exams, Kipsang acknowledged that the marking process for the KCPE exam has already commenced. He emphasized the importance of releasing the results promptly to ensure efficient student placement and enable parents to adequately prepare for the next academic phase.

Addressing concerns about exam malpractices, Kipsang downplayed the issue by revealing that only seven center managers had been suspended. He attributed the low incidence of cheating to the decision to collect exam papers twice a day, coupled with support from the Ministries of Interior and ICT.

“We noticed that there was exposure of the exam materials when collected once, and hence the directive to collect them twice a day,” Kipsang explained. He added that the seven suspended center managers would face disciplinary measures later in the year, reaffirming the credibility of the exams.

In response to potential challenges posed by flooding, the government has deployed helicopters in affected areas, particularly in Northern Kenya, to facilitate the distribution of exam materials. This strategic move aims to ensure that the exams are conducted smoothly, even in regions grappling with adverse weather conditions.

Dr. David Njeng’ere, the CEO of the Kenya National Examination Council, highlighted the success of the new directive to collect exams twice a day in mitigating the issue of early exposure. He reported that, since 2016, no cases of early exposure of exam materials have been reported, underscoring the effectiveness of this preventive measure.

Naivasha subcounty commissioner Kisilu Mutua assured that the area had not been significantly affected by heavy rains, unlike other regions. He mentioned that additional measures, such as the placement of an extra examination container in Mai Mahiu town, are being implemented to ensure the smooth conduct of exams, even in remote areas like Maella.

As Kenya awaits the imminent release of the KCPE results, the anticipation is heightened by the knowledge that this marks the end of an era—the final chapter of the 8-4-4 education system that has shaped the educational landscape for almost four decades. The forthcoming weeks are poised to bring not just results but a glimpse into the educational future of the nation.


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