Kenyan School Shines Globally: Children in Freedom School Makes the Top 10!

Children in Freedom School, a local learning institution, has just been ranked among the top 10 best schools in the world by the prestigious T4 Education Initiative. How amazing is that?

Now, here’s what makes this school stand out. It falls under the Overcoming Adversity category, and it has been recognized for its strong embrace of African culture. Unlike many other Kenyan schools that stick to post-colonial curriculums, Children in Freedom School takes a different path. Their curriculum is influenced by Afrocentrism, which means they put a strong emphasis on learning traditional African languages and history. Talk about reconnecting with our roots!

One glance at the students, and you’ll notice something unique. Many of them come to school dressed in vibrant African attire and ‘lesos.’ That’s because this institution doesn’t strictly follow the Ministry of Education’s uniform guidelines. They believe in celebrating our heritage through clothing and embracing our cultural diversity. Who needs a plain uniform when you can rock a beautiful African print, right?

The school has impressed T4 Education with its holistic approach to education. Not only do the students learn the basics, but they also dive into public speaking, critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. And get this—by the age of three, these young learners are already literate and multilingual. That’s some impressive brainpower!

T4 Education further praised Children in Freedom School for recognizing the specific needs of African children. By tweaking the curriculum to address these needs, the school has nurtured a deep sense of pride, self-efficacy, and identity among its students. It encourages them to embrace their skin color, natural hair, and brilliance. In fact, they have even adopted African prints and outfits to promote the powerful African value of ‘Ubuntu’—the essence of togetherness and humanity.

Let’s not forget to mention the other incredible schools that made it to the top 10. We’ve got Cadoxton Primary School from Wales, UK, Colegio Impacto de MAIA from Guatemala, Escuela Litoral Austral from Chile, Feversham Primary Academy from England, UK, Colegio Campestre ICAL from Chía, Colombia, Government Girls Day Secondary School from Sokoto, Nigeria, Physics and Mathematics Specialized School from Armenia, Snehalaya English Medium School from India, and the Max Rayne Hand in Hand School from Jerusalem, Israel. These institutions are setting the bar high for education worldwide.


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