Kisii County QASO Officer Transferred to Vihiga in Recent Ministry of Education Changes

Joseph Ochieng’, the Quality Assurance and Standards Officer (QASO) for Kisii County, has been transferred to the Vihiga office. This article provides an overview of Ochieng’s farewell and the welcoming of his successor, Adenya Mayodi, highlighting the sentiments expressed during the transition.

Joseph Ochieng’s Farewell

  • Emotional Farewell: During his brief farewell and handing-over party, Joseph Ochieng’ expressed fondness for his time at Kisii County, where he had served for six years. He thanked the staff and stakeholders for making him feel at home and emphasized the positive relationships built during his tenure.
  • Attachment to the Station: Ochieng’ mentioned feeling attached to the station and acknowledged the warmth and support received from the people of Kisii County.
  • Call for Continued Harmony: While bidding farewell, Ochieng’ urged his colleagues to continue working in harmony with teachers and other education stakeholders to maintain the excellent education standards achieved during his time.

Incoming QASO – Adenya Mayodi

  • Handover Process: Adenya Mayodi, the incoming QASO, participated in the handover process. The outgoing officer passed on his responsibilities, experiences, and insights to Mayodi.
  • Warm Welcome: Kisii County Director of Education (CDE) Philip Chirchir supervised the handing-over exercise and expressed gratitude to Ochieng’ for his satisfactory service delivery. He welcomed Adenya Mayodi, wishing him success in his new role, and assured him of cooperation from all stakeholders.


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