KNEC Grade 5 Agriculture CBC Assessment Project – July 2022

Innovative Gardening for Grade 5 Learners

Project Overview:

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has introduced a Grade 5 Agriculture CBC Assessment Project focusing on “Innovative Gardening.” The objective of this project is to assess learners’ ability to gather information, collaborate in a group, and practically apply agricultural skills in establishing an innovative garden.

Instructions for Implementation:

  1. Project Duration: The project is expected to be completed by 16th September 2022.
  2. Individual Research:
    • Learners individually gather information from various sources (textbooks, magazines, digital devices, guided internet, and consultations with resource persons, parents/guardians) on the establishment of an innovative garden of their choice.
  3. Group Oral Presentation:
    • In groups of 4-6 learners, each participant orally presents the information gathered on the chosen innovative garden.
    • The presentation, recorded on a digital device, should be 15-20 minutes long (about 3 minutes per group member) and submitted to the teacher for assessment.
  4. Group Discussion:
    • Group members discuss and decide on the type of innovative garden to establish.
    • The discussion is recorded on video, with each member taking turns presenting. The recorded video (15-20 minutes) is submitted to the teacher for assessment.
  5. Establishment of the Innovative Garden:
    • The group works together to establish the chosen innovative garden.
    • The crop selected should be early maturing and suitable for the school’s ecological zone. A mix of different crops can be chosen.
  6. Site Preparation:
    • The school identifies an appropriate site for the innovative garden.
    • Learners prepare the site and label the innovative garden with the group number.
  7. Planting:
    • Learners are provided with planting materials or can collect/borrow them from home.
    • Each group raises at least 40 plants (10 plants per group member).
  8. Assessment Criteria for Each Learner:
    • Information collection and note-writing on the innovative garden.
    • Individual oral presentation to the group.
    • Participation in the group discussion.
    • Participation in establishing and caring for the innovative garden.
    • Creativity demonstrated in the establishment.
    • Quality of the innovative garden.
    • Crop performance in the garden.
    • Working relationship with others.
    • Appropriateness and timing of agricultural practices.


The KNEC Grade 5 Agriculture CBC Assessment Project aims to foster collaborative learning, practical application of agricultural skills, and creativity among learners. Teachers are encouraged to use the provided scoring guide, select samples of work as evidence, and assess learners based on their progress and achievements throughout the project implementation.


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