KNEC Initiates Verification Process for 2023 KCSE Exam Photo and Subject Entries

We’ve got some important news about the 2023 KCSE exam. The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has just announced that they will be verifying the photo and subject entries uploaded during the registration process. It’s all about ensuring that everything is in order and there are no mix-ups or errors.

The CEO of KNEC, David Njeng’ere, recently shared this information with the Sub-county education directors on July 5, 2023. Here’s the deal: Centre Managers, those responsible for registering the candidates for the 2023 KCSE exam, need to get their hands on the photograph registers from the registration site. And you know what they have to do next? They gotta print out those colorful picture albums from the registration portal.

On top of that, candidates themselves have an important role to play. They need to sign, verify, and confirm their subject entries. It’s a way to ensure that everything is accurate and there are no surprises on exam day. If there are any issues with the subjects chosen or if the photos don’t match up, the Centre Managers need to officially communicate this to the CEO of KNEC. And don’t forget, they need to send in the correct photographs saved on a CD. It’s all about dotting those i’s and crossing those t’s.

Now, let’s talk about those photos. Sometimes they can be a bit hazy or misaligned. No worries, though! Centre Managers should fix those hiccups, adjust the photos to make them crystal clear, and save them on a CD. Don’t forget to send a note along with it, just to keep everything organized.

Oh, and here’s something you need to know. If there are any changes or adjustments needed after the submission, there’s a penalty. Yep, it’s gonna cost you Kes. 500.00 per candidate. So, let’s try to get everything right the first time, shall we? It’ll save you some precious shillings.

School principals, listen up too! Once everything is sorted and the photo albums are error-free, make sure to store them safely. These albums are important records, and you don’t want them getting lost in the shuffle.

In terms of the exam dates, here’s the scoop. The KCPE and KPSEA exams will kick off on October 30, 2023, and wrap up on November 2, 2023. As for the KCSE exams, mark your calendars for November 3–24, 2023. And don’t forget, the marking of the exams will take place from November 27 to December 15, 2023. It’s going to be a busy period, but we’re rooting for all the students out there!

That’s all the important info you need to know about the verification of photo and subject entries for the 2023 KCSE exam. Double-check those photos, confirm those subjects, and let’s rock this exam season!


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