KPC Foundation Invests Sh5 Million in Science Complex at Alliance Girls High School

The Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) Foundation, in a commendable move toward advancing education, has allocated Sh5 million for a lab at Alliance Girls High School. The purpose of this investment is the construction of a state-of-the-art science complex at Alliance Girls High School. By aiming to enhance the learning environment for over 420 students—thus emphasizing their commitment to fostering growth within the community—the company has demonstrated its dedication; not just in words but in substantial actions that speak volumes about them!

Irene Wachira, a Trustee of the KPC Foundation—the philanthropic arm of Kenya Pipeline—emphasizes their dedication to inclusive learning. She sees education as not only a cornerstone for shaping our future but also highlights its vital role in addressing community needs and collaborating with partners; her focus is on empowering parents along with learners.

Oil Marketing Companies have already provided support, and with the new allocation of funds in place: this initiative actively demonstrates a collective effort to bolster educational infrastructure. The construction of eight modern science laboratories is set as our focus; these will furnish students—promising scientists yet unformed—with an interactive environment conducive for their explorations into scientific realms.

Beyond Alliance Girls High School, the foundation’s investment strategy also encompassed previous endeavors: it allocated Sh2.5 million for an ablution block at Uthiru Primary School and another Sh2.5 million—split between constructing an administration block and renovating classrooms—at Nachu Primary School in Kiambu County; thus exemplifying its commitment to educational infrastructure development across various institutions within the region.

The KPC Foundation, established in 2016, has actively invested over Sh172 million in educational services. This significant commitment materializes through three key actions: infrastructure enhancement; provision of ancillary equipment—and notably—the construction of eight laboratories distributed across numerous schools within diverse counties.

The foundation notably operates the Inuka Scholarship, a flagship program that targets deserving students from economically challenged backgrounds—this includes learners with disabilities. Annually costing Sh60 million: the comprehensive initiative encompasses school fees; basic needs provision; mentoring and psychosocial support—furthermore, it fosters leadership development.

The Inuka Scholarship has benefited an impressive 658 needy and disabled children from across the country, demonstrating the foundation’s dedication to equal educational opportunities. This impactful scholarship program specifically reached out to 14 students in Kiambu County.


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