KUTRRH Welcomes Inaugural Cohort of Kenyatta University Medical Students, Ushering in a New Era of Medical Education

In a significant stride for medical education in Kenya, the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is set to open its doors to the inaugural cohort of 100 Kenyatta University School of Medicine students. This promising development comes on the heels of the recent regulatory accreditation granted by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC). This accreditation marks a pivotal moment for aspiring medical professionals in Kenya and promises to enhance the quality of medical education in the country.

Ahmed Dagane, the CEO of KUTRRH, expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter in medical training, stating that the level six facility is fully prepared to welcome the Kenyatta University School of Medicine students. The accreditation from KMPDC has set the stage for patient bedside teaching (BST), a critical component of medical education. To ensure a smooth onboarding process for the students, KUTRRH has already shared a comprehensive Onboarding Letter with Kenyatta University. This document outlines a detailed two-day orientation program, commencing on a Monday morning, designed for both the students and their dedicated supervisors.

Medical training in Kenya adheres to a strict regulatory regime, and KMPDC accreditation plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality assurance. The detailed onboarding protocols, which have been communicated to Kenyatta University, are geared towards facilitating the entry of the first 100 School of Medicine and Surgery Undergraduate students. The entire team at KUTRRH eagerly anticipates the arrival of the students and their supervisors on the designated Monday.

Upon entering the hospital and completing their orientation, the students will embark on clinical rotations in various departments. This hands-on experience includes working in five wards, the renal unit, and the oncology department. Additionally, students will have access to cutting-edge medical technology, such as the CyberKnife, Brachytherapy, Linac, and the Chemotherapy pharmacy treatment areas. Furthermore, they will gain valuable exposure to the Accident and Emergency department, Pathology services, Radiology and Imaging department, and the Surgery Department. This comprehensive experience extends to bedside teaching in the seven KUTRRH Surgical Wards and seven surgical operation theaters.

In line with legal Notice No. 4 of 2019, Kenyatta University Medical Students are granted priority access to essential medical education support facilities. These facilities include three well-equipped auditoriums, shared office spaces, as well as seminar and board rooms. This priority access ensures that medical students have the resources they need to excel in their academic journey.

It’s important to note that Kenyatta University’s postgraduate students in Medicine and Nursing, as well as undergraduate students in Public Health, Biomedical Engineering, Health Records and Informatics, and Nutrition, will continue their placements at KUTRRH, as they have been doing since 2020. This ongoing collaboration underscores the hospital’s commitment to nurturing a diverse range of medical talents.

At KUTRRH, Kenyatta University School of Medicine undergraduate and postgraduate students will be immersed in a state-of-the-art medical training environment. With access to cutting-edge wards and laboratories in this level six National Referral and Research Hospital, which boasts a 650-bed capacity, students will have the opportunity to grow and develop their medical skills and knowledge.

This exciting development heralds a new era in medical education in Kenya, as KUTRRH opens its doors to the next generation of medical professionals. With the support of KMPDC accreditation and the commitment of all parties involved, this partnership between KUTRRH and Kenyatta University promises to elevate the quality of medical training in the country. The future of healthcare in Kenya is looking brighter than ever.


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