Migori County Gears Up for KCSE Examinations with 23,354 Candidates

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations in Migori County kicked off with a total of 23,354 candidates gearing up for their final exams. This significant event marks a crucial moment for the students, as their hard work and dedication will be put to the test.

Migori County’s Education Director, Jacob Onyiego, has revealed that these exams will be conducted in 304 examination centers, supported by 14 distribution centers spread across 12 Sub Counties. The distribution centers are strategically located to facilitate the smooth and secure delivery of examination materials.

One key concern in the region, especially during this time of year, is flooding, and Onyiego is quick to address it. He assures that both the county and the national government have implemented measures to mitigate any potential flooding issues, specifically in Nyatike Sub County. This proactive approach is essential to ensure that the students can take their exams without any disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions.

Migori County Deputy Commissioner, Ms. Milka Kariuki, emphasizes the importance of meticulous preparation. All 14 collection centers have been well-prepared for exam collection, with the added assurance of heightened security measures to safeguard the integrity of the examinations. The commitment to security is paramount, as it ensures that the exam papers remain confidential and untouched until they reach the eager candidates.

Ms. Kariuki further calls upon the center managers and invigilators to play their crucial roles in delivering a credible KCSE exam. Their vigilance and dedication are vital to guaranteeing that the students’ hard work is assessed fairly and accurately.

The efforts put into these preparations demonstrate the dedication of the education authorities and local governments in Migori County to uphold the integrity of the KCSE exams. As the examinations commence, the hopes and aspirations of these 23,354 candidates are in the hands of those responsible for ensuring a smooth and equitable testing process. The future of these students and their dreams hinge on the successful execution of this important academic milestone. We wish them all the best in their examinations, and may their hard work be rewarded.


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