Narok County Invests Ksh400 Million in Education: Over 47,000 Students to Benefit

Narok County is allocating Ksh400 million in bursaries, benefiting more than 47,000 needy students. Governor Patrick ole Ntutu presided over the disbursement at the county headquarters, highlighting the commitment to supporting education and providing opportunities for students to pursue secondary and tertiary-level education.

Full Scholarships and Increased Allocations

Governor Ntutu announced that among the beneficiaries, 1,600 students would receive full scholarships for their secondary and tertiary education. This represents an increase from the previous year, where the bursary allocation was Ksh370 million, benefiting 44,000 students, including 500 who received full scholarships. The enhanced support reflects the county’s dedication to expanding access to education for its residents.

Innovative Disbursement System

To address concerns of embezzlement, Governor Ntutu outlined an innovative approach to disbursement. Beneficiaries will receive direct messages on their phones, specifying details such as the school, amount received, reference number, and admission number. This digitized system aims to streamline the process and provide transparency, allowing beneficiaries to easily confirm their bursary allocations with school management.

Timely Support for 100% Transition Policy

Governor Ntutu emphasized the timeliness of the disbursement, aligning with the national objective of achieving a 100% transition policy. Recognizing education as a critical pillar for national development, he emphasized the importance of providing a solid foundation for children’s education, as evidenced by the construction of over 298 Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) classrooms in the past year.

Equitable Distribution and Appreciation

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit urged bursary committees to ensure equitable distribution across the county’s 30 wards. He called on residents to appreciate the governor’s efforts, which have positioned Narok County among the top-performing counties in the country.


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