Parents Found Guilty of Persecuting Teachers Shall Face the Law, TSC Says

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Chairman, Dr. Jamleck Muturi, has issued a stern warning against the harassment of teachers by rogue parents, stating that those found guilty will face legal consequences. Dr. Muturi emphasized that there are legal avenues for aggrieved parents to address their concerns rather than resorting to attacks on teachers in the presence of students.

Speaking at Winas Sacco’s Annual General Meeting in Embu County, Dr. Muturi stressed the importance of respecting the teaching profession. He asserted that anyone threatening teachers would be dealt with according to the provisions of the Teachers Act, and the Commission would ensure the protection of teachers so they can perform their duties without fear or intimidation. He expressed concern about the negative impact such incidents have on the credibility of the teaching profession.

Dr. Muturi urged parents to address their concerns through the appropriate channels, such as the Board of Management in respective schools, rather than engaging in unlawful actions. He highlighted the demoralizing effect on teachers when incidents like the frog-marching of a headteacher occur in the presence of students.

The TSC Chairman’s sentiments were supported by KNUT Mbeere branch Executive Secretary Dickson Murunguma, who emphasized that teachers should not be subjected to harassment due to students’ performance in national exams. Murunguma advised teachers to request transfers if they find themselves working in a hostile environment.

Embu Senator Alexander Mundigi called on TSC to expedite issues related to the payment of teachers and raised concerns about the low compensation for KNEC invigilators.


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