President Ruto’s Firm Stand Against Sending Students Home Over Fees

In a resolute stance on the importance of accessible education, President William Ruto has emphasized that no child should be sent home due to school fees arrears. Addressing the issue in Kakamega, the Head of State revealed that the government had already disbursed Sh7.5 billion to schools, particularly targeting Junior Secondary Schools (JSS). This commitment underscores the government’s dedication to ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students from pursuing their education.

Quick Summary

  • Presidential Warning: President William Ruto asserts that no child, especially those in Junior Secondary Schools, should be sent home over school fees arrears.
  • Government Disbursement: Ruto announces the allocation of Sh7.5 billion towards JSS learning fees, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting education access.
  • Investigation into Fee Charging: Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu initiates teams to investigate Junior Secondary Schools charging parents fees, reiterating the government’s directive that JSS should be free.

Presidential Assurance and Financial Allocation

President Ruto expressed concern over reports of students being turned away from schools due to outstanding fees. He highlighted the anomalies in some Junior Secondary Schools, where students are sent home with demands for unpaid fees. To address this, Ruto announced that the government had disbursed Sh7.5 billion specifically for JSS learning fees. This substantial financial allocation aims to alleviate the burden on parents and ensure that students can continue their education without financial hindrance.

Government’s Strict Directive on JSS Fees

The Head of State firmly stated that no individual possesses the authority to send JSS learners home. This declaration reinforces the government’s commitment to providing free education at the Junior Secondary School level. President Ruto’s announcement aligns with the government’s continuous efforts to make education accessible to all, irrespective of financial circumstances.

Education Cabinet Secretary’s Vigilance

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu had previously addressed the issue by dispatching teams across the country to investigate Junior Secondary Schools that were charging parents fees. He emphasized that JSS education should be free, and no parent should be required to pay any amount for their child to attend a public JSS institution.

Machogu underscored the seriousness of the government’s directive by constituting a team to ensure compliance. He reiterated that any school found charging fees at the JSS level would face consequences, including potential closure. The Education Cabinet Secretary further clarified that the government had released Sh7.5 billion for Junior Secondary Schools, emphasizing the magnitude of financial support allocated to this crucial educational level.

Final Thoughts

President Ruto’s unwavering commitment to preventing students from being sent home over school fees aligns with the broader government directive of ensuring accessible education. The substantial financial allocation to Junior Secondary Schools reflects a strategic move to eliminate financial barriers that may hinder students’ pursuit of knowledge. As the government continues to investigate and enforce its directive on fee-free JSS education, the education sector stands poised to provide equal opportunities for all learners, fostering a brighter future for the nation.


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