Private Universities Embrace Government Funding Model

Private universities in Kenya have lauded the government’s innovative higher education finance scheme, marking a paradigm shift in the landscape of tertiary education. The Kenya Association of Private Universities, in a recent notice published in local media, expressed their support for the new funding model, emphasizing its potential to bring about positive changes in the sector.

Collaborative Negotiations and Inclusive Admissions

According to the association, private universities actively participated in the negotiations leading to the creation of the new funding model. The key highlight of this model is its commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that all students, regardless of their university preferences, will be admitted based on individual choices.

Unified Course Offerings on KUCCPS Portal

To further enhance inclusivity, both private and public universities will list their courses on the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) portal. This move aims to provide students with a comprehensive array of options, promoting informed decision-making in choosing their academic paths.

Decoupling Funding from Student Placement

A significant departure from previous practices, the new funding model separates funding allocation from student placement by KUCCPS. This strategic shift is designed to streamline the financial aspects of tertiary education, ensuring a more effective and transparent distribution of resources.

Scholarship and Loans Dynamics

In a notable change, students attending private institutions will no longer be eligible for government scholarships; instead, they will have access to government loans facilitated by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). This shift aims to align financial support mechanisms with the evolving dynamics of the education sector.

Equitable Access and Ongoing Engagement

Stephen Ngari, Chair of the Kenya Association of Private Universities, affirmed the commitment of private universities to ongoing engagement with stakeholders. The goal is to ensure that all Kenyan students have equitable access to quality education, fostering research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and employability opportunities for the betterment of parents, communities, and the nation at large.

Innovative Funding Model for Public Universities

The government’s funding model introduces a fool-proof tool for public university students to apply for scholarships. The tool evaluates students based on need categories, distinguishing between vulnerable, less vulnerable, and able students. This nuanced approach ensures that financial support is tailored to individual circumstances, promoting fairness and accessibility.


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