Schools To Allow JSS Students’ Use Old Uniforms: Prioritizing Needs Amidst Transition

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu emphasized the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in education during the Murang’a County education day on January 14. He urged primary school heads not to turn away grade seven students who couldn’t afford the new Junior Secondary School (JSS) uniform, highlighting the financial challenges some parents face.

Quick Summary

  • Considerate Approach: CS Machogu urged primary school heads to consider the financial constraints faced by parents and not turn away grade seven students without the new JSS uniform.
  • Progressive Purchases: Parents are encouraged to buy the new JSS uniform progressively, and students can use their grade 6 uniform if the new one is unaffordable at the moment.
  • Financial Difficulties: Recognizing the increased cost of living and financial difficulties faced by some parents with multiple children, the CS emphasized the need for understanding and flexibility.
  • Classroom Construction: Machogu cautioned against school administrators asking for money from parents for JSS classroom construction, assuring that a significant number of classrooms would be constructed through government grants.
  • Government Allocation: The government allocated over Sh630 billion towards education in the last budget, with continuous financial support for various educational needs, including supplementary budgets.
  • TVET and Polytechnics: Parents were encouraged to enroll students who did not attain university entry grades in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and polytechnics to acquire professional skills for future employment opportunities.

Fostering Inclusivity and Affordability

CS Machogu’s remarks underscore the commitment to ensuring that every student has access to education, irrespective of financial constraints. By advocating for a considerate and progressive approach to uniform purchases, the government aims to foster inclusivity and prioritize the educational journey of all students.

Building Infrastructure Without Burdening Parents

The caution against soliciting funds from parents for JSS classroom construction reflects a commitment to relieving financial burdens on families. The assurance of constructing 15,000 classrooms through government grants demonstrates a proactive approach to improving educational infrastructure without overreliance on parental contributions.

Government’s Ongoing Financial Support

CS Machogu highlighted the substantial allocation of funds to the education sector in the last budget and subsequent supplementary budgets. This ongoing financial support reaffirms the government’s commitment to enhancing the quality of education and addressing various needs within the educational system.

Empowering Through Technical Education

The call to enroll students in TVETs and polytechnics reflects a broader vision of empowering students with diverse career paths. By encouraging the acquisition of professional skills, the government aims to align education with the evolving job market, providing students with opportunities for meaningful and sustainable employment.

Final Thoughts

CS Machogu’s message echoes the government’s dedication to accessible and inclusive education. The emphasis on affordability, infrastructure development, and the promotion of alternative educational paths reinforces the commitment to nurturing a well-rounded and empowered generation of students in Kenya. As the education sector evolves, these measures contribute to creating a more equitable and responsive educational landscape.


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