Shamberere National Polytechnic Embarks on Full Digital Transformation

Shamberere National Polytechnic has unveiled ambitious plans to fully digitize its operations, aiming to enhance the quality of services provided to its trainees. The institution, recently elevated in status, is set to implement a range of digital initiatives, as announced by Principal Elisha Nyamu during the orientation of pioneer trainees.

Digital Innovations for Enhanced Services

1. Student Portal for Online Registration

Principal Nyamu revealed that Shamberere National Polytechnic is in the process of establishing a student portal. This portal will streamline the enrollment process, allowing new learners from across the country to register online. The initiative not only signifies a commitment to efficiency but also aims to make the admission process accessible to a broader audience.

2. Biometric Clock-In System for Enhanced Security

To manage the high traffic of learners effectively, the institution will install a biometric clock-in system. This system will identify, vet, and grant access only to genuine trainees, ensuring a secure and controlled environment. Beyond attendance tracking, this measure aims to facilitate smooth operations and enhance overall security within the premises.

3. Jitume ICT Labs Integration

Principal Nyamu commended the launch of Jitume ICT labs nationwide and highlighted that Shamberere National Polytechnic had already established its own laboratory equipped with 50 desktops. This integration aligns with the institution’s commitment to embracing technological advancements and providing students with practical exposure to information and communication technologies.

Assurance of Job Security and Quality Training

Masayi Mwalati, a newly appointed Board of Governors member and retired Chief Principal, reassured the trainees that the certificate they would receive upon completing their training would guarantee job security. Encouraging commitment, he emphasized the institution’s dedication to providing the best training and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Final Thoughts

Shamberere National Polytechnic’s decision to undergo a full digital transformation underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. The introduction of a student portal, biometric security measures, and integration with national ICT initiatives position the institution to offer a modern and efficient learning experience. As trainees embark on their educational journey, they can anticipate a technologically enriched environment that not only facilitates their education but also prepares them for the digital landscape of the professional world. The assurance of job security further reinforces the institution’s pledge to deliver quality training and create a conducive academic atmosphere.


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