Siaya MCA’s Generosity: 410 Form One Students Receive Uniforms

Siaya Township Ward Member of the County Assembly (MCA), James Obiero Otare, has once again demonstrated his commitment to supporting education by providing full school uniforms for 410 needy Form One students in various local day secondary schools. This marks the 12th consecutive year that MCA Otare has undertaken this philanthropic initiative, emphasizing his dedication to assisting families genuinely in need.

During the uniform distribution, MCA Otare clarified that his actions were not driven by a desire for political gain but rather a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of students and their families. “I am not doing this to get anything because you have elected me many times already. This is my third term in office as your MCA. I am doing this because I want my good deeds to follow me someday,” he stated.

The comprehensive uniform packages included shirts and blouses, trousers and skirts, ties, blazers, and sweaters. MCA Otare particularly highlighted the importance of assisting students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who might struggle to continue their education without support. Drawing from his own challenging childhood experiences, he expressed a personal connection to the cause.

In addition to the uniform donation, MCA Otare is currently covering school fees for 13 students, two of whom are progressing to Form 4 at Mbaga and Rang’ala Girls High schools. While expressing gratitude for the assistance received, Otare urged parents to assume responsibility for the remaining financial obligations, emphasizing the importance of their active involvement in their children’s education.

The beneficiaries of MCA Otare’s generosity expressed their appreciation for his kindness and support. Tiko Anne Auma, one of the recipients, conveyed their gratitude, saying, “We are very grateful for the work that he has done as nobody else has ever done for us.”

Siaya Sub-county Director of Education, Maurice Saka, who attended the event, commended MCA Otare for his consistent commitment to supporting children in need. Saka highlighted the challenges of identifying and assisting needy children, making MCA Otare’s contributions even more commendable.

Siaya County Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Executive Secretary, Alex Dunga, urged parents to consider enrolling their children in local schools if they face financial constraints in sending them to distant schools. MCA Otare’s ongoing efforts exemplify the positive impact that individual leaders can have on their communities through sustained acts of generosity and support for education.


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