Streamlining 2024 Form One Admissions: A Guide through NEMIS

In an effort to enhance efficiency and transparency, the Ministry of Education has mandated that the admission process for 2024 Form Ones in both private and public secondary schools be conducted exclusively through the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). This move aims to centralize and streamline the admissions process, ensuring a smoother transition for students entering secondary education.

The Required Documentation

To facilitate the admission of new students or Form Ones via NEMIS, the following documents are mandatory:

  1. Admission Letter: A formal document indicating the student’s placement.
  2. Learner’s Index Number: The unique identifier for each student.
  3. Birth Certificate: Confirming the student’s date of birth.
  4. Unique Personal Identifier (UPI): A distinct identifier linked to each learner.
  5. Contact Details: Including home county, home sub-county, postal address, email address, and phone number.
  6. Passport Size Photograph: A recent photo of the learner.
  7. Special Needs Information: If applicable.
  8. Parental and Guardian Details: Including ID numbers, names, email addresses, and mobile numbers for mother, father, and guardian.

The Admission Process

Upon arrival for admission, students are required to present their admission letters. The schools will then follow a systematic process to verify and admit the Form Ones through NEMIS:

  1. The student presents the admission letter downloaded from the Education Ministry’s portal.
  2. The admission letter is received and verified by the principal or a delegated individual.
  3. The principal or delegate logs onto the NEMIS system using a connected device.
  4. Accessing the ‘LEARNER’ tab, the principal selects ‘Admit/Capture request’.
  5. Entering the KCPE index number in the search UPI/INDEX box, the system displays the student’s details.
  6. If selected to join the school, the principal clicks on ‘ADMIT’ and fills in the required information to complete the process.
  7. Steps 1 to 6 are repeated for all 2024 Form Ones selected to join the school.

The ‘LEARNER’ tab on NEMIS serves as a versatile tool for various learner-related operations:

  1. PENDING REGISTRATION: Displays a list of learners with pending registration, highlighting missing information like photographs.
  2. VIEW MY LEARNERS: Provides a comprehensive list of learners with fully updated details on the NEMIS system.
  3. LIST OF ADMISSION REQUESTS: Shows the uploaded admission requests for approval by the Ministry’s field officers.
  4. LIST OF PROCESSED ADMISSION REQUESTS: Displays learners whose admission requests have been approved by the Ministry’s field officers.
  5. RECEIVE LEARNER: Admits a continuing learner transferring from another school.
  6. RELEASE LEARNER: Facilitates the transfer of a learner to another school with the approval of the Ministry’s field officers.

By embracing this digitalized admission process through NEMIS, the Ministry of Education aims to streamline and modernize the enrollment of 2024 Form Ones, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the allocation of students to secondary schools. For more details and updates on the admission process, visit the official NEMIS portal or NEMIS system.


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