TechLit Africa Founder, Nelly Cheboi, Clinches Esteemed Educator Award at TRT World Citizen Awards

In a momentous occasion held in Istanbul, Turkey, Nelly Cheboi, the visionary founder of TechLit Africa, has been bestowed with the prestigious Educator Award at the TRT World Citizen Awards. This accolade is a testament to Cheboi’s unwavering commitment to addressing education inequality and inadequacy in Kenya, showcasing her as a beacon of change on the global stage.

Quick Summary

  • Nelly Cheboi, founder of TechLit Africa, honored with the Educator Award at the TRT World Citizen Awards in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • The award recognizes Cheboi’s significant contributions in combating education inequality and inadequacy in Kenya.
  • TRT World Citizen Awards aim to acknowledge individuals making substantial global contributions to their societies across different categories.
  • Other awardees include Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah, Ece Edil Akman, Aditi Mayer, and Motaz Azaiza in various categories.

Recognizing Global Contributions

TRT World Citizen Awards, held in Istanbul, Turkey, serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate individuals making remarkable contributions to their societies on a global scale. Nelly Cheboi’s recognition in the Educator Award category highlights her dedicated efforts in addressing the pressing issues of education inequality and inadequacy in Kenya.

General Director of TRT, Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, emphasized the awards’ goal of contributing to finding solutions to global challenges. He stated, “The primary goal of TRT World Citizen is to contribute to the search for solutions to the global challenges we face.”

Awardees Across Categories

The TRT World Citizen Awards recognized outstanding individuals across various categories. Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah from Lebanon received the “World Citizen of the Year” award, Ece Edil Akman was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement” award, Aditi Mayer from India received accolades in the “Youth” category, and Motaz Azaiza from Palestine clinched the “Communicator” award.

TRT’s Vision for Change

During the ceremony, Presidency’s Director of Communications, Fahrettin Altun, shared insights into TRT’s benevolent movement. Emphasizing the belief that each individual is an honorable being with the capacity to create change, Altun highlighted TRT’s commitment to inspiring progress and contributing earnestly to global problem-solving.

“We aspire to make our lives an ongoing story of progress by inspiring change. One of the significant goals of the TRT World Citizen initiative, which has brought us together today, is to earnestly contribute to addressing the search for solutions to the problems we face on a global scale,” stated Altun.

Final Thoughts

Nelly Cheboi’s receipt of the Educator Award at the TRT World Citizen Awards not only honors her individual accomplishments but also serves as a recognition of the importance of addressing education challenges on a global scale. The diverse array of awardees underscores the collective effort needed to bring about positive change in various spheres of society, resonating with TRT’s vision for a world where individuals contribute meaningfully to global progress.


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