The Remarkable Journey of Rae Kanyaika Primary School in the KCPE Exam

Rae Kanyaika Primary School in Kisumu County, once an unsung institution, has surprisingly emerged as a hero in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam. Its student, Felix Omondi Ochola, achieved an outstanding score of 426, positioning him as the fourth-best nationally.

Felix, along with his peers and teachers, reveled in the unexpected triumph as a joyous celebration resounded through the school grounds. Particularly for Rae Kanyaika Primary School, which maintains a relatively low profile within the broader educational landscape, this achievement stands out significantly.

Felix, a young aspirant with dreams of pursuing a career in electrical engineering, attributes his success to three key components: first, divine intervention; second, supportive parents; and lastly, dedicated teachers. His inspiration, deeply rooted due to the familial bond, derives from an ambition to emulate the path blazed by his accomplished uncle. This relative figure not only amassed substantial wealth but also secured financial prosperity as part of his legacy.

The school’s head teacher, Paul Odhiambo, proudly cites Felix’s consistent academic performance as exemplary, notably earning 441 marks in a pre-KCPE assessment. This demonstrates not only the foresight of his educators but also their anticipation of an outstanding final exam result from Felix.

Rae Kanyaika Primary School, boasting a total of 167 candidates, exhibited an impressive performance, with five pupils achieving scores above 400 marks. Although the mean score experienced a slight dip from the previous year, this underscores not only their dedication but also confirms that they consistently nurture academic excellence at their institution.

Maseno Girls Boarding Primary School, Pandpieri Primary School, MM Shah Primary School, and Xaverian Primary School in Kisumu all succeeded, exemplifying the positive trend within public education. This notable improvement results from a combination of hard work, notably by teachers and parents who collaborated seamlessly, and innovative teaching strategies—an active testament to effective pedagogy.

Oro Queen Knight, leading the pack at Maseno Girls Boarding Primary School with an outstanding score of 419 marks, symbolizes both students’ and educators’ dedication and effort. Likewise, Chrispine Ochanji and Bright Odera from Pandpieri Primary School celebrated their achievements as they scored 402 and 398, respectively—a testament to exemplary performance in academics.

Sydney Ouko secured an impressive 413 marks at MM Shah Primary School, and Michelle Midiwo’s performance stood out as stellar with 407 marks from Xaverian Primary School. These accomplishments underline the positive impact of teacher-pupil contact, teamwork, and reward systems on fostering a conducive learning environment.

Reflecting on the KCPE results, we clearly see how excellence can rise from unanticipated sources. The success of Rae Kanyaika Primary School stands as undeniable proof of education’s transformative potential; at this institution, determination and hard work, bolstered by a supportive community, have charted a path for students that surpasses expectations.

The narrative of triumph and transformation casts a bright light on the story of Rae Kanyaika Primary School, reminding us that, no matter the size or reputation of a school, every student possesses the potential to imprint an indelible mark on the academic landscape.


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