Transforming Lives: Kwale’s Elimu Ni Sasa Bursary Initiative

The Elimu Ni Sasa Bursary initiative, launched a decade ago in Kwale by former Governor Salim Mvurya and continued by Governor Fatuma Achani, has become a beacon of hope for thousands of students in the region. This transformative program has played a crucial role in reshaping the educational landscape in Kwale, producing professionals and top students along the Coast.

Education Revolution in Kwale

Kwale, once plagued by high rates of teen pregnancies, early marriages, and school dropouts, has witnessed a remarkable turnaround with the implementation of the Elimu Ni Sasa initiative. The poverty index that loomed over the region has gradually diminished, replaced by a surge in educational aspirations and achievements.

In the recently released 2023 KCSE exam results, Kwale High, a national school, achieved an impressive third position in the coastal region. Many high-achieving students attribute their success to the county’s bursary program, highlighting the significant impact it has had on the educational landscape.

Commitment and Expansion

Governor Fatuma Achani, committed to building on the success of the program, has increased the county bursary kitty from Sh400 million to Sh500 million. With plans for annual increments, Governor Achani envisions continued support for students seeking quality education.

The Elimu Ni Sasa initiative ensures that students receive bursaries and full-time education scholarships, creating opportunities for those who might otherwise be left behind.

Bursaries by the Numbers

According to Nicky Gitonga, the Kwale County Director of Communication, an average of 16,805 secondary students benefit from bursaries annually. Additionally, 6,477 college and university students receive support through the program. In the current fiscal year, the county has already covered full tuition for 4,560 secondary school students in Forms 1 through 4.

Success Stories: From Bursaries to Professions

The impact of the Elimu Ni Sasa initiative goes beyond academic achievements, with success stories illustrating the transformative power of education:

  1. Badru Mohammed Shikeli: Chief Officer of Water Services, Shikeli attributes his professional success to the Elimu Ni Sasa program, which supported him from Form 1 through university.
  2. Bakari Nyondo: Despite a challenging background, Nyondo excelled in his KCSE exams, scoring 81 points. The bursary initiative supported his entire four-year educational journey, allowing him to concentrate on studies without worrying about fees.
  3. Khalfa Ngana: Aspiring to become a surgeon, Ngana expresses gratitude for the bursary program, which lifted him from a challenging life. He credits the initiative for his good grades and envisions pursuing medicine at the University of Nairobi.
  4. Hussein Hamis Mwanzani: A Form 1 student at Dr Agrey High School, Mwanzani secured a full county bursary scholarship after scoring 381 marks in the 2023 KCPE exams. His dream of becoming a pilot is now within reach, thanks to the county’s sponsorship.

A Lifeline for Families

Parents like Hamisi Ali Makoti express relief and gratitude for the sponsorship provided by the county. The bursary initiative has not only lifted the financial burden of school fees but has also allowed families to focus on other essential aspects of education, such as purchasing uniforms and school supplies.

Commitment to Academic Excellence

Governor Achani, while launching the bursary program for Form 1 national school students, emphasized the county’s commitment to improving the bursary kitty. She called on parents to actively support the initiative, emphasizing the need for students to produce good academic results for accountability.

Financial Investment in Education

For the current financial year, Kwale County has already spent over Sh147 million on national school students alone, demonstrating a significant financial commitment to education. Governor Achani assured that additional funds would be allocated to support students in day schools, universities, and colleges.


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