TSC Appeals for Sh300 Million to Enhance Teacher Performance

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is seeking financial support of Sh300 million to bolster field services in counties and sub-counties. This revelation surfaced in a report presented to a parliamentary committee by TSC CEO Nancy Macharia. The allocated funds are earmarked for the essential execution of Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD), a cornerstone in evaluating and enhancing the performance of educators.

The Crucial Role of Field Services

Nancy Macharia emphasized the critical role that field services play in the implementation of TPAD. These services, intricately linked to Performance Contract oversight, are deemed vital according to section 11(c) of the TSC Act 2012. The efficient resolution of disciplinary matters and the application of teaching standards hinge significantly on these services, making them indispensable for the smooth functioning of the education system.

Financial Allocation for Program Implementation

In her report to the Education Committee, Macharia underscored the need for Sh300 million to fund various programs and activities at the county and sub-county levels. This financial allocation is crucial to sustaining the momentum of TPAD and ensuring that its objectives are met efficiently. The request reflects the TSC’s commitment to maintaining high standards of education through strategic investments in teacher development and oversight mechanisms.

TPAD System 2: Evaluating Teacher Performance

The TSC relies on the TPAD system 2 as a robust tool for assessing instructors’ performance based on predetermined benchmarks. This system, formally operational since 2016, aims to enhance teachers‘ effectiveness, ultimately contributing to improved academic progress among students. TPAD evaluates teachers on seven key standards: professional knowledge and application, time management, innovation and creativity in the classroom, learner protection, safety, discipline and teacher behavior, and the promotion of co-curricular activities.

TSC’s Vision for Educational Excellence

The appeal for additional funding underscores the TSC’s commitment to fostering excellence in education. By securing the requested funds, the Commission aims to streamline field services, fortify the TPAD framework, and consequently elevate the overall quality of teaching and learning experiences. This financial injection is poised to have a positive ripple effect on the educational landscape, benefitting both educators and students alike.


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