TSC Promotes 761 Teachers in Kisumu County

In a testament to the dedication and commitment of educators in Kisumu County, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced the promotion of 761 teachers. This commendable achievement underscores the recognition of meritorious service and professional excellence within the teaching fraternity. Let’s explore the details of this significant development and its impact on the educational landscape of Kisumu County.

Quick Summary:

  • TSC promotes 761 teachers in Kisumu County in recognition of their outstanding service.
  • Promoted teachers receive their promotion letters, signaling a milestone in their careers.
  • The promotion initiative reflects TSC’s commitment to rewarding excellence and fostering professional growth.

Recognizing Excellence

The promotion of 761 teachers in Kisumu County reflects the TSC’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence within the teaching profession. Led by County TSC Director Dr. Samuel Marigat, this initiative celebrates the dedication and contributions of educators who continually strive for excellence in their roles.

Milestones Achieved

As promotion letters are dispatched to the deserving teachers, a sense of pride and accomplishment permeates the educational landscape of Kisumu County. With promotions ranging from C1 to D5, each letter symbolizes not only professional advancement but also the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to nurturing the minds of future generations.

Ensuring Fairness and Equity

Dr. Marigat assures that all deserving cases have been meticulously reviewed and considered in the promotion process. This commitment to fairness and equity underscores the TSC’s dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for educators, where meritocracy prevails and excellence is duly recognized and rewarded.

Advocating for Education

The promotion of teachers in Kisumu County is not only a cause for celebration but also a reminder of the critical role that educators play in shaping the future of our society. Zablon Awange, Kisumu County KUPPET Secretary, advocates for the government to allocate more funds for employing additional teachers, highlighting the importance of adequately resourcing the education sector to meet the evolving needs of students.


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