TSC Takes Action: Principal Replaced at Amabuko Secondary School in Kisii

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has responded to complaints from parents and concerns over poor examination results at Amabuko Secondary School in Kisii by replacing the embattled principal, Rawlins Juma. Samuel Mweruti will take over the leadership of the school, aiming to address the grievances raised by parents and restore confidence in the institution.

Quick Summary

  • Principal Replacement: TSC replaces Rawlins Juma, the principal of Amabuko Secondary School, with Samuel Mweruti, responding to complaints from parents and concerns over poor examination results.
  • Parental Complaints: Parents had raised various complaints against the former principal, including allegations of incompetence, mistreatment of support staff, misappropriation of school funds, and compromising the institution’s accounts clerk.
  • Ultimatum and Threats: Last week, parents issued a 72-hour ultimatum for the principal to vacate or face consequences. Threatening leaflets were scattered near the school, demanding the principal’s departure.
  • Indignation over Exam Results: The dissatisfaction peaked when no student from the 2023 candidate class qualified for university, leading to heightened anger and frustration among parents.
  • Police Involvement: The local Police Commander stated that no formal complaints were received but promised to investigate the matter, especially concerning the threatening leaflets.
  • Unavailability of Officials: Attempts to reach Kisii County Quality Assurance and Standards Officer (QASO) Adenya Mayodi and Kisii County Director of Education Philip Chirchir for comments on the transfer were unsuccessful.

Addressing Parental Concerns

The replacement of Principal Rawlins Juma comes in response to a series of complaints from parents, reflecting their dissatisfaction with the management of Amabuko Secondary School. The allegations, ranging from financial mismanagement to compromised examination outcomes, prompted the swift action from the Teachers Service Commission.

Restoring Confidence in Education

Samuel Mweruti, the newly appointed principal, now faces the task of restoring confidence in the school and addressing the grievances raised by parents. The move is not only a response to specific complaints but also an acknowledgment of the critical role school leadership plays in shaping the educational experience for students.

Ongoing Investigations and Official Responses

The involvement of the police in investigating the matter, particularly the threatening leaflets, adds a layer of complexity to the situation. Meanwhile, attempts to reach key education officials for comments on the transfer have been unsuccessful, leaving room for speculation about the broader implications of the change in leadership.

In conclusion, the principal replacement at Amabuko Secondary School underscores the importance of effective school leadership and the need for swift action in response to parental concerns. As Samuel Mweruti assumes the role, the focus will be on restoring trust, improving academic outcomes, and fostering a positive learning environment for the students of Amabuko Secondary School in Kisii.


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