Urgent Call for Addressing Teacher Shortage in West Pokot: KNUT Appeals to TSC


In a recent development, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) in West Pokot County has raised a critical concern regarding the shortage of teachers in the region. During their regional elections, Martin Sembelo, the Executive Secretary of the West Pokot branch, emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue to safeguard the quality of education in the county. His sentiments were echoed by Joseph Malel Lang’at, KNUT’s First Vice National Chairman, who highlighted the pivotal role of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in resolving this pressing matter.

Quick Summary:

The Urgency of Addressing Teacher Shortage:

Martin Sembelo, in his address, underscored the detrimental impact that the shortage of teachers could have on the education sector in West Pokot County. He aptly pointed out that without an adequate number of teachers, the delivery of quality education becomes significantly compromised. This urgent plea reflects the genuine concern for the welfare and future of students in the region, highlighting the crucial role that educators play in shaping young minds.

Commendation for Security Measures:

In addition to addressing the teacher shortage, Sembelo also commended the security organs in the county for their efforts in enhancing security around border schools. This commendation demonstrates the recognition of collaborative efforts in ensuring a conducive learning environment. By acknowledging the positive contributions of security personnel, Sembelo encourages continued support and cooperation in maintaining safety within educational institutions.

TSC’s Role in Resolving the Crisis:

Joseph Malel Lang’at, in his capacity as KNUT’s First Vice National Chairman, emphasized the responsibility of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in mitigating the teacher shortage crisis. His statement reflects a call to action directed towards the relevant authorities, urging them to prioritize the allocation of resources and recruitment of teachers to address the pressing needs of schools in West Pokot County. Lang’at’s stance highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between stakeholders to find viable solutions to educational challenges.

Encouragement for Financial Investment:

Furthermore, Lang’at encouraged teachers across the republic to consider investing in Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (Saccos). By advocating for financial prudence and social investment, Lang’at underscores the importance of empowering teachers economically. This advice not only promotes financial stability but also fosters a sense of community and solidarity among educators, contributing to their overall well-being.


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