Annual Amadi Open Gathers Top Teams at Maseno School

Maseno School anticipates hosting an impressive lineup of over 70 teams, including national and regional champions, for the annual Amadi Open tournament this weekend. With diverse sporting disciplines featured, the event promises to be a showcase of talent and competition.

Quick Summary

  • Participation Confirmed: More than 70 teams, comprising national and regional champions, have confirmed their participation in the Amadi Open tournament at Maseno School.
  • Diverse Sporting Disciplines: The tournament will feature basketball (5×5 and 3×3), hockey, rugby (15s and 7s), football, handball, volleyball, netball, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis, and chess for both boys and girls.
  • National and East Africa Champions: The event has attracted teams with notable achievements, including national and East Africa champions, making it akin to the National Secondary Schools Games.
  • Sponsorship: Equity Bank, Maseno School, CIC Insurance, and Ciala Resort are among the sponsors supporting the tournament.
  • Rugby Highlights: In rugby 15s, Butula, the national champions, will face off against 7s champions Koyonzo, Nyanza champions Kisii School, Kakamega High, St. Mary’s Yala, St. Peter’s Mumias, and other formidable teams.
  • Football Favorites: St Anthony’s Kitale is considered a favorite in boys’ football, with strong competition expected from Goseta, Musingu, Agoro Sare, Ebwali, Kakamega High, Serani, St Mary’s Yala, and Nyanza champions Agoro Sare.
  • Inclusive Participation: Maseno University and Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology will also join the annual tournament, adding to the diversity of participants.

Anticipation for High-Level Competition

The Amadi Open tournament at Maseno School is not only a gathering of diverse sporting disciplines but also a platform for high-level competition. The participation of renowned teams, both local and regional champions, elevates the event’s significance as a key fixture in the sporting calendar.

Rugby Clash of Champions

The rugby category promises a clash of champions, with Butula, the national 15s champions, facing off against Koyonzo, the 7s champions, and other formidable opponents. Teams such as Kisii School, Kakamega High, and St. Mary’s Yala add to the competitive mix, creating an exciting prospect for rugby enthusiasts.

Football Battle Among Favorites

St Anthony’s Kitale enters the tournament as favorites in boys’ football, but strong challenges are expected from notable rivals. Goseta, Musingu, Agoro Sare, Ebwali, Kakamega High, Serani, St Mary’s Yala, and Agoro Sare, the Nyanza champions, form a formidable lineup, ensuring a keenly contested football category.

Sponsorship Support

The sponsorship from Equity Bank, Maseno School, CIC Insurance, and Ciala Resort underscores the importance of such events in promoting sports and talent development. The support from these sponsors contributes to the success and impact of the Amadi Open tournament.

Inclusive Participation and Community Engagement

The involvement of Maseno University and Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology extends the reach of the tournament, fostering community engagement and inclusivity. This emphasizes the broader impact of sports events in bringing together educational institutions and creating a platform for healthy competition and camaraderie.

Final Thoughts

As Maseno School prepares to host the annual Amadi Open tournament, the anticipation is high for a weekend filled with intense sporting action across various disciplines. The event not only showcases the prowess of participating teams but also highlights the collaborative efforts of sponsors and institutions in promoting sports at both the grassroots and competitive levels.


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