Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho Open Tournament: A Revival of Sporting Excellence

After a hiatus of 15 years, the annual Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho Open tournament is set to make a triumphant return this weekend, with over 20 schools expected to participate. Spearheaded by the school’s head of the games department, Obonyo Ombasa, this exclusive boys-only tournament promises to reignite the spirit of sportsmanship and competition among participating teams. Let’s delve into the key highlights and expectations for this highly anticipated event:

Tournament Resurgence:

  • Following consultations with Chief Principal Albert Ombiro, the decision was made to revive the Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho Open tournament, making it an annual affair once again. This move underscores the school’s commitment to fostering sporting excellence and providing a platform for young athletes to showcase their talents.

Diverse Sporting Events:

  • The tournament will feature a diverse range of sporting disciplines, including football, handball, rugby 15s, volleyball, and basketball. This comprehensive lineup ensures that participants have the opportunity to compete in their preferred sport, catering to a wide array of interests and abilities.

Participating Schools:

  • Over 20 schools, including Kisii School, Kibabii Boys, Agoro Sare, and Nyamache Boys, have already confirmed their participation in the tournament. With more teams expected to join, the event promises to be a vibrant and competitive showcase of talent from across the region.

County Games Clinic:

  • In conjunction with the tournament, a county games clinic will be held at Sameta High School, providing coaches and officials with valuable training and insights across various sporting disciplines. This three-day clinic, facilitated by experts from different federations, aims to enhance coaching techniques and promote excellence in sports development.

Future Sporting Events:

  • Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho is poised to host both the County Term One and Term Two games, featuring a wide range of sporting activities such as hockey, basketball, rugby, handball, athletics, football, volleyball, netball, and racquet games. Additionally, the school will play host to the Nyanza regional and national Term Two Games, highlighting its status as a premier sporting venue in the region.

Promoting Sporting Excellence:

  • Through initiatives like the Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho Open tournament and the accompanying county games clinic, the school is actively promoting sporting excellence and providing young athletes with opportunities to excel on the field. These events not only showcase talent but also foster camaraderie, discipline, and teamwork among participants.

In essence, the revival of the Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho Open tournament signifies a recommitment to sporting excellence and youth development. As athletes from various schools converge to compete and showcase their skills, the event promises to be a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and community spirit.


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