TSC Declines Unions’ Demand for Publication of Promoted Teachers’ Names

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) faces scrutiny and discontent from teacher unions following its decision to withhold the publication of names alongside TSC numbers for promoted educators. Despite demands from unions such as the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet), TSC maintains its stance, citing operational constraints and privacy concerns. Let’s explore the implications of this decision and the broader issues surrounding transparency and accountability within the education sector.

Quick Summary:

  • TSC rejects demands from teacher unions to publish names alongside TSC numbers of promoted teachers.
  • Unions express concerns over transparency and accountability in the promotion process.
  • TSC emphasizes adherence to operational protocols and privacy considerations.

Union Demands and TSC Response

In response to demands from teacher unions, including Knut and Kuppet, for the publication of names alongside TSC numbers of promoted teachers, TSC maintains its position, citing operational constraints and privacy considerations. Despite requests for transparency and accountability, TSC asserts its authority to manage the promotion process in accordance with established protocols.

Transparency Concerns

Knut expresses dissatisfaction with TSC’s decision, raising concerns about the lack of full disclosure regarding the promoted teachers. Without access to the real names of successful candidates, Knut fears potential discrepancies and questions the integrity of the promotion process. The absence of transparency in this regard fuels speculation and erodes trust between educators and the commission.

Operational Challenges and Privacy Considerations

TSC defends its decision by highlighting operational challenges and privacy considerations associated with the publication of names alongside TSC numbers. While acknowledging the importance of transparency, TSC emphasizes the need to balance accountability with respect for the privacy rights of promoted teachers. The commission asserts its commitment to upholding confidentiality and safeguarding sensitive information.

Impact on Trust and Accountability

The refusal to publish names alongside TSC numbers exacerbates existing tensions and undermines trust between TSC and teacher unions. Without transparency in the promotion process, concerns persist regarding the fairness and integrity of decision-making within the education sector. The lack of accountability fosters a climate of uncertainty and discontent among educators.


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