KNUT’s Stance on Teachers’ ICT Training Costs

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Bomet Branch has expressed their disapproval of the Teachers Service Commissions (TSC) decision to deduct teachers’ salaries, for funding ICT training. They firmly state that teachers should not be responsible for financing this program. According to the TSCs directive all teachers, TSC Secretariat Staff and Grade 8 students are required to enroll in skills training at a cost of Ksh2,500 per participant.

In summary.

  • KNUT is against using teachers’ salaries for ICT training.
  • The TSC circular mandates registration for the training at Ksh2,500 per person for all teachers, secretariat staff and Grade 8 students.
  • KNUT urges the government to cover the costs of the training of placing financial burdens on educators.

Context and Background.

The TSC issued a circular signed by CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia titled “Mobilizing and Training of Citizens and Public Finances on Digital Skills.” This initiative aims to provide digital skills training to over 20 million citizens to enhance their ability to access and utilize government e services efficiently. The first phase of this program aims to train 5 million learners through a collaboration with ICT training organizations, from sectors including public, private entities, NGOs, and accredited training institutions.

KNUTs Protest

The decision by the commission to not provide funding for the training and instead require teachers to cover the costs has sparked worry among educators. The new chairman of KNUTs Bomet Branch Davis Mitei has expressed objections to this move stating it goes against labor laws. He highlights that while the training is important and appreciated teachers are unwilling to have their salaries reduced for it.

Mitei emphasizes that it is the government’s responsibility to allocate funds for this program especially considering that teachers, like Kenyans are facing financial challenges. He also raises concerns about the lack of representation for parents and students who would also bear the burden of the training.

Other Concerns by KNUT

In addition to the issue of training expenses Mitei also brings up concerns regarding the composition of the TSC. He notes that unlike commissions TSC lacks commissioners with teaching backgrounds, which he finds unacceptable. Mitei advocates for teachers to be appointed as commissioners, within the TSC.


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