TVET Students Showcase Exceptional Talents


In a remarkable display of ingenuity and skill, students from technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions across the Coast region have left spectators in awe with their innovative creations. The recent TVETs Trade Fair held at Godoma Technical Trading Institute served as a platform for over 30 institutions to showcase a myriad of groundbreaking inventions. From solar power generators to robotic machines, these young innovators are redefining the landscape of technical education with their remarkable contributions.

Quick Summary

  • The TVETs Trade Fair gathered over 30 institutions from the Coast region, showcasing a diverse range of innovations.
  • Students exhibited creations spanning various sectors, including agriculture, waste management, energy conservation, and more.
  • Government officials emphasized the importance of promoting vocational training and pledged support for students pursuing technical education.

Celebrating Ingenuity

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the trade fair, spectators marveled at the array of inventions on display. One of the standout creations was the hydroelectric generator developed by students of Taveta Technical and Vocational Centre, demonstrating a practical application of renewable energy technology. From wooden chairs to automated power control systems, each innovation symbolized the creative prowess and technical expertise nurtured within TVET institutions.

Promoting Vocational Education

Felkin Kaingu, the Education Minister of Kilifi County, underscored the shifting paradigm towards vocational training among the youth. Recognizing the importance of equipping students with technical skills, Kaingu called for concerted efforts to promote TVET colleges as viable career pathways. He pledged the county’s support by earmarking funds to subsidize education expenses for aspiring TVET students, echoing the commitment to inclusive and accessible technical education.

Empowering Future Leaders

Peter Mwangi, the Coast Director of TVET institutions, emphasized the transformative potential of technical education in empowering students to pursue their passions and secure sustainable livelihoods. Encouraging students to unleash their creativity, Mwangi highlighted the importance of market linkages and entrepreneurial opportunities for young innovators. He urged students to leverage resources such as the Youth Fund to kickstart their ventures and transform their ideas into reality.

Potential Impact: Nurturing Talent for a Brighter Future

As the curtains draw on the TVETs Trade Fair, its impact reverberates far beyond the exhibition grounds. The showcased innovations serve as a testament to the untapped potential of technical education in driving socio-economic development and fostering a culture of innovation. With unwavering support from government authorities and educational institutions, the journey towards a skilled and empowered youth workforce gains momentum. As these budding innovators embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, they carry with them the promise of a brighter future fueled by creativity, resilience, and the spirit of innovation.


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