Strategies for School Principals to Reduce Operational Costs and Support Student Retention


In a bid to address the pressing issue of high school fees hindering student retention, school principals are being urged to implement cost-cutting measures. This initiative aims to alleviate financial strain on parents and guardians, thereby ensuring uninterrupted access to education for all learners. Let’s delve into the strategies advocated for by educational stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Quick Summary:

  • School principals urged to implement cost-cutting measures to retain students.
  • Efforts aimed at reducing operational expenses per student from Ksh15,000 to Ksh12,000 annually.
  • Bursaries injected to ease financial burden on parents and support sustainable learning environments.

Aligning Operational Costs with Affordability

Nyeri Town MP Duncan Mathenge underscores the necessity for schools to reevaluate their operational expenditures. By targeting a reduction from Ksh15,000 to Ksh12,000 per student annually, schools can ease the financial burden on parents, facilitating student retention. This move aligns with broader efforts to foster sustainable learning environments conducive to academic success.

Addressing Accumulated Debts

The pressing issue of accumulated debts within educational institutions cannot be overlooked. With 14 day schools in Nyeri Town constituency amassing a staggering debt of Ksh32 million in outstanding school fees and Ksh28 million owed to suppliers, proactive measures are imperative. Principals are urged to streamline their financial management processes to mitigate debt accumulation, ensuring the smooth operation of schools.

Mitigating Student Absenteeism

High school fees directly correlate with student absenteeism, with an average of 10 days missed per term in day schools within Nyeri Town Constituency. This highlights the urgency to alleviate financial barriers hindering regular attendance. Through the injection of bursaries, supplemented by parental contributions, schools can reduce the financial burden on families, promoting consistent student attendance and engagement.

Synchronizing Disbursement Processes

Efficient allocation and disbursement of funds play a pivotal role in supporting student welfare. Nyeri Town MP Duncan Mathenge emphasizes the importance of synchronizing disbursement processes with Treasury releases. By strategically distributing funds across academic terms, parents are afforded financial respite, enabling them to meet their financial obligations without undue strain.

Principal’s Role in Promoting Financial Accessibility

Principal Nancy Njeri Njuguna underscores the transformative impact of bursary schemes on student accessibility to education. By providing much-needed financial relief to families grappling with economic constraints, principals play a crucial role in fostering inclusive learning environments. Such initiatives underscore the commitment to equal opportunities for all students, irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

Potential Impact

The implementation of cost-cutting measures and bursary schemes holds significant promise in addressing the pervasive issue of financial barriers to education. By empowering principals to streamline operational expenses and prioritize financial accessibility, schools can enhance student retention rates and promote equitable access to education. Through collaborative efforts between educational stakeholders and policymakers, sustainable solutions can be realized, ensuring every learner has the opportunity to thrive academically.


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