TSC Promotes 36,505 Teachers: Here’s What You Need to Know


The Teachers Services Commission (TSC) has recently announced the promotion of 36,505 teachers across various grades. This significant move follows a thorough interview process conducted between December of the previous year and January of the current year. The promotion encompasses diverse positions within the education sector, ranging from primary school headteachers to senior lecturers in teacher training colleges. Let’s delve into the details of this latest development.

Quick Summary:

  • The Teachers Services Commission (TSC) has promoted 36,505 teachers following interviews conducted between December and January.
  • Promotions cover various positions, including headteachers, senior teachers, deputy principals, and lecturers across different educational institutions.
  • Successful candidates will receive their promotional letters soon, with payroll updates to follow suit.

Positions Filled and Promotions:

The promotions span multiple positions, addressing critical roles within the education system. Here’s a breakdown of the filled positions and the corresponding number of promotions:

Primary Schools:

  • Headteacher (Regular and Special Needs): 1,049 and 30 positions filled, respectively.
  • Deputy Headteacher II (Regular): 1,930 positions filled.
  • Senior Teacher I (Regular and Special Needs): 3,040 and 346 positions filled, respectively.
  • Senior Teacher II (Regular and Special Needs): 10,819 and 700 positions filled, respectively.

Secondary Schools:

  • Deputy Principal III (Regular): 1,014 positions filled.
  • Senior Master III (Regular): 1,137 positions filled.
  • Senior Lecturer IV (Teacher Training Colleges): 216 positions filled.
  • Senior Master IV (Regular): 12,576 positions filled.
  • Secondary Teacher I (Regular): 1,918 positions filled.

Higher Grades:

  • Chief Principal (Regular): 34 positions filled.
  • Senior Principal (Regular): 103 positions filled.
  • Principal (Regular): 541 positions filled.
  • Deputy Principal II (Regular): 528 positions filled.
  • Senior Lecturer I (Teacher Training Colleges): 72 positions filled.

Promotional Process:

The process of promotion involves meticulous assessment and selection based on merit and qualifications. The TSC conducted interviews to identify deserving candidates for advancement in their careers. Following this rigorous evaluation, 36,505 teachers emerged successful, securing promotions across various educational roles.

List of Promoted Teachers and Next Steps:

As per the announcement by Dr. Jamleck Muturi, Chairman of the Commission, promotional letters will be dispatched to counties and sub-counties starting March 4, 2024. Additionally, payroll updates will promptly follow suit, ensuring seamless implementation of the promotions. Here is the list of all promoted teachers.

Potential Impact:

The promotion of over 36,000 teachers signifies a significant investment in the education sector. It not only rewards deserving educators but also serves as a morale booster within the teaching fraternity. Furthermore, it is expected to enhance the quality of education by placing qualified individuals in key leadership and instructional roles across schools and colleges.


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