TSC Opens Applications for C2 to D5 Teachers Promotions

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced the opening of applications for promotions for teachers from Grade C1 to D5. The TSC is a Constitutional Commission responsible for overseeing the career progression of teachers according to the Career Progression Guidelines for Teachers. The application process is to be completed online through the TSC portal at www.teachersonline.go.ke by September 8, 2023. Manual applications will not be accepted. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply, and successful candidates in the interviews will need to provide valid Chapter 6 documents before their appointments.

The promotions are available for the following positions:

  1. Chief Principal (Grade D4-D5) – T-Scale 15, 34 posts
  2. Senior Principal (Grade D3-D4) – T-Scale 14, 108 posts
  3. Principal (Grade D2-D3) – T-Scale 13, 541 posts
  4. Deputy Principal II (Grade D1-D2) – T-Scale 12, 547 posts
  5. Senior Lecturer I (Grade D1-D2) – T-Scale 12, 72 posts
  6. Deputy Principal III (Grade C5-D1) – T-Scale 11, 1057 posts
  7. Senior Master III (Grade C4-C5) – T-Scale 10, 1142 posts
  8. Senior Lecturer IV (Grade C3-C4) – T-Scale 9, 216 posts
  9. Senior Master IV (Grade C3-C4) – T-Scale 9, 12,716 posts
  10. Secondary Teacher I (Grade C2-C3) – T-Scale 8, 1928 posts
  11. Head Teacher (Grade C4-C5) – T-Scale 10, 1049 posts
  12. Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) (Grade C4-C5) – T-Scale 10, 30 posts (Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Autism, Physical Impairment, Visual Impairment)
  13. Deputy Head Teacher II (Grade C3-C4) – T-Scale 9, 1930 posts
  14. Senior Teacher I (Grade C2-C3) – T-Scale 8, 3040 posts
  15. Senior Teacher I (SNE Primary School) (Grade C2-C3) – T-Scale 8, 346 posts
  16. Senior Teacher II (Regular Primary School) (Grade C1-C2) – T-Scale 7, 10,819 posts
  17. Senior Teacher II (SNE Primary School) (Grade C1-C2) – T-Scale 7, 700 posts

The specific requirements for each position are listed in the respective advertisement numbers. Generally, the requirements include years of service in the current or previous grade, satisfactory performance ratings, and the ability to demonstrate mentoring and professional support to other teachers. Candidates in Asal and Hard-to-Staff counties who have served in the current grade for at least 2 years are eligible for certain positions.

Candidates are advised to carefully review the requirements for the positions they are interested in and apply through the TSC portal before the deadline.


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