Kagumo High School Leads Nyeri County in KCSE 2023: Outstanding Results and Notable Achievements

Kagumo High School has emerged as the top-performing institution in Nyeri County for the KCSE 2023 exams, securing a mean score of 9.306 points. Dr. Silas Mwirigi, the school’s principal, expressed satisfaction with the results, citing credibility and impressive performance. Notably, 21 candidates achieved straight A grades, with prominent students such as Ryan Thabuku, Kamore Villa, and Japheth Mwangi earning recognition as top scorers nationally.

Results Overview

  • Mean Score: Kagumo High School achieved an impressive mean score of 9.306 points.
  • Top Achievers: 21 students attained straight A grades, showcasing exceptional academic prowess.
  • University Placement: Out of 396 candidates, 211 students scored B and above, securing entry into universities.
  • Overall Success: A remarkable 96% of candidates attained the university entry cut-off of C plus.

Principal’s Comments

Dr. Silas Mwirigi commended the credibility of the KCSE 2023 results, emphasizing that they represent the real performance of students in the country. He highlighted the success of Kagumo High School in producing excellent grades, describing it as a promising start for the students and the institution.

Overall KCSE 2023 Results

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu announced that 201,133 candidates nationwide secured university placements by attaining the required entry grade of C plus. The success of public schools outshining private ones was evident, with a total of 899,453 candidates having registered for the national exams.

Final Thoughts

Kagumo High School’s exceptional performance in the KCSE 2023 exams positions it as a beacon of academic excellence in Nyeri County. The outstanding individual achievements, combined with the overall success of the school, reflect the dedication of both students and educators. As these students embark on their university journey, Kagumo High School stands proud as a testament to the pursuit of academic brilliance and the cultivation of future leaders.


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